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Susan Smith’s Remorse Every Christmas After Murdering Her Two Little Sons

In 1994, Susan Smith murdered her two little sons because she secretly dated a man who wanted no children. Many Christmases have come and gone, but Susan Smith spends the day ruminating over the 1994 murder of her two sons, as per prison sources. The Christmas holidays fill her with remorse and guilt and she cries for her innocent children. She understands having committed the most horrendous acts, and it tears her up daily. Smith, at 48, remains in prison for life at the Leath Correctional Institution, Greenwood, S.C. and works as an assistant ward-keeper, interacting sparingly with guards and inmates. Her only solace is a Bible kept in her cell and a photo of the two sons.

Smith’s problems began on October 25, 1994, when she lodged a police complaint about being carjacked by a black man who took off with her two young sons trapped in her car. For nine days, tearful pleas were made for their safe return. These were all lies. As her story unravelled, Smith admitted that no carjacking took place and she rolled her car into a lake with 14-month-old Alex and 3-year-old Michael, still strapped into their car seats in the back seats. Her motive was she had secretly dated a man who never wanted children. The sensational crime story made international news and Smith was convicted on two counts of murder and serves a life sentence and is ineligible for parole.

Life in Prison

After 25 years, Smith spent over half of her life in prison and her imprisonment was marred with disciplinary infractions. In the last nine years, Smith was disciplined 5 different times for multiple infractions, including self-harm, and the possession and use of narcotics resulting in loss of privileges, such as loss of canteen, telephone and visitation privileges.

In 2010 and in 2015, she was thrice disciplined on drug charges, and lost privileges for over a year. In 2000, Smith was spoken to and disciplined for having relations regularly with a middle aged prison guard. He eventually pleaded guilty and was imprisoned for three months in jail. In 2001, a prison captain pleaded guilty to the same charge was sentenced to 5 years’ probation.

A Miserable Life

No one trusts her to be alone with a guard and she spends her time in her cell or working, but while being transported, a male and female guard accompany her. Smith claimed in 2015 that she is misunderstood and in a letter to the State, said that she was not a monster and something was very wrong that fateful night when she was not herself. She had been a good mom and loved her boys. There was absolutely no motive and it was not a planned sequence of actions when she was not in her senses. David Smith, the ex-husband and the father of the boys, remains traumatised and has never fully recovered as the nagging heartache persists daily. Susan’s horrific past preys on her mind though she rarely talks about her sons but when she does, it’s always with much sadness. She expects neither forgiveness nor any pity. She will be mourning for the rest of her life. Smith is not permitted to give interviews and calls to her former attorney remain unanswered.

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