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Thoughtful Holiday Messages from the Royals Needed in 2021

The year 2020 was very challenging and much has changed for families, who lost much and had to cope more times than we can remember. Many needed to navigate a holiday season, as it’s not safe to visit people not living in their homes. It had been isolating and lonely for most people. As 2020 ended, people shared their goals for 2021 and their holiday wishes, full of love and warmth.

The Queen’s holiday message this year spoke to those who were lonely during the holidays. In her yearly Christmas broadcast, she spoke to those unable to be with their family as the year was indeed sad: some mourning loss of dear ones, and others staying far away from family and friends, distanced for safety when a simple hug is most needed. The Queen said that nobody is alone and they are all in her thoughts and prayers.

The Duke / Duchess of Cambridge personal message on social media

Prince William and Kate Middleton offered their thoughts, wishes, and hopes for people in the UK and worldwide, but this year’s message set the mood for 2021. The royal family normally gets together each Christmas morning and proceeds towards church together, but in 2020, it did not happen. Instead of pretending that all is normal, they shared their New Year wishes as people look to them for support. These messages from the Royal family highlight the good things that happened during the year, all with a positive spin. But this year’s message felt different as it was the exact message that was needed. They said on Twitter that their thoughts were with those spending the holidays alone, those who are in mourning and with the frontline workers, who have put their life on hold for us all. So, instead of pushing hope and positivity on everyone, William and Kate thoughtfully acknowledged that wishing everyone a Merry Christmas does not feel right to them this year, and they just wish for a better 2021. For everyone struggling, they highlighted the need for support and shared a list of support groups and charities for mental health and hotlines for those needing support.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

It’s been such a challenging year, and the royal family did not try to sugarcoat it all. As the particularly strange year of 2020 was inching to a close, any glimpse of joy and happiness is welcome. Families will celebrate the holiday season differently this year but Christmas cards do bring us a smile. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s 2020 Christmas card is a success. Christmas cards are a long-time tradition for many families, including the royals. This year, Harry and Meghan were non-traditional with theirs, and their adorable year-end card that features an illustration of Harry, Meghan, Archie, and their two dogs. Archie is on his dad’s lap while they watch the dogs, and even though an illustration, happiness radiates from it. The small Christmas tree, the hand-made ornaments and other homemade decorations, were selected by little Archie, and their tree was then replanted after Christmas. Their support for causes in USA, UK, Uganda and elsewhere continues.

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