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Top TV Shows That Predicted the Future – I

Many have tried to predict the Future and most of these endeavours fail. The keyword that is important here is “most.” But every now and then, some show correctly predicts the future, usually as an insider joke which eventually turns into a serious affair. It’s weird enough to make you question that the universe may actually be aware and has a rather wicked sense of humor. Some incidents listed below, will definitely make you think!

Scrubs — Osama Bin Laden Location predicted by Janitor in 2006

Source: Reddit

Scrubs, a comedy-drama about a fictional Sacred Heart Hospital, had a nameless character called the Janitor who was a semi-creepy comic relief character and minor antagonist, prone to wild stories, insane claims and theories. The Janitor suggested that Osama bin Laden could be found in Pakistan instead of Afghanistan. Imagine the surprise when he was proved right! Thanks for the tip, Janitor!

Friends —  Facebook, Ross is dead and no one cares

Before Facebook was unveiled to the world, the TV show Friends predicted in an episode that sites like MySpace and Friendster would focus on college alumni and themes connecting with old friends, childish pranks, comments over social media, and writing satirical messages for friends. The fictitious site was useful in reconnecting people to rekindle or break old relationships across vast distances and time. The site is identical to what became Facebook, a successful social media site used by  two billion people over a decade later.

Parks and Recreation — Cubs WS Win Predicted

Source: Reddit

Here’s one future prediction from the sitcom Parks and Recreation, showing the day-to-day workings of a tiny government-run public spaces department in Indiana, made a sweet prediction in 2015 about the Cubs winning the World Series  despite the Cubs curse of no championship title win over 108 years. The victory occurred in 2016. The show’s co-creator made the prediction by tracking the Cubs minor league system.

Spooks —London Subway Bombings – Station Bomb

This BBC drama, named after a colloquialism for spies, follows a British secret agents team who are devoted to stopping a terrorist attack before it happens. In June of 2005, an episode showed terrorists failing to bomb subway train stations in London. Just 30 days later, actual terrorists attempted to bomb the subway and even succeeded in slaying 52 victims and injuring over 500. Very oddly, the fictional terrorists had tried to blow up Kings Cross Station, at that very spot that the real terrorists picked for the attacks. The script-writers were disturbed but opted to have a disclaimer, assuring viewers that it wasn’t based on actual events. Other “predictions” also appeared in other Spooks episodes. Possibly the writers have access to a time machine?

Star Trek—iPad – Picard Has iPad

Sourcet: Reddit

Easily the most important sci-fi shows of all time, Star Trek showed a future that gave hope for a better life for mankind, among the stars. Though the show’s every episode is ingrained in American pop culture, Star Trek did successfully predict the invention of the touchscreen computer tablet, 23 years before Apple made the iPad. The touchscreen device called PADD (Personal Access Display Device), was a small, flat, touch-based technology with round corners and the keyboard missing, connected to the Star Trek internet and used by all officials. The iPad is no direct replica, but this small, rectangular slab of plastic, metal and glass works on touch and tells us everything with a few swipes.

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