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Top TV Shows That Predicted the Future – II

The future is often considered as an inscrutable, unknowable web of possibilities and promises. To assess the future is foolish, and claims to know it are a sure sign of insanity. Yet, sooth-sayers make predictions about politics, sports and technology. Some interesting predictions which became true:

The Simpsons — Three- Eyed Mutant Fish

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Bart Catches a Three Eyed Fish. The Simpsons were around for over 30 years, and made their share of predictions, most being flat-out wrong. The weirdest was the prediction about a three-eyed mutant fish. Fans of The Simpsons will remember Blinky, the three- eyed nuclear fish living in the pond outside Mr. Burns’s nuclear factory. The glowing radium runoff of the plant mutated a little goldfish into a bug-eyed monster! Blinky emerged in Argentina in 2011, as some fishermen caught a three-eyed wolf fish in a reservoir fed by a neighbouring nuclear plant. Mr. Burns was missing.

Quantum Leap — Super Bowl   Cowboys vs. Steelers (Full Game)

The Quantum Leap show was about correctly predicting the future. A man called Sam has his mind travelling through time and got into the bodies of others, being tasked to improve the life of the person into whom he had leaped. This made for quality television and many predictions about the future, almost all wrong. But the Super Bowl XXX ad in the “All Americans,” episode premiered in 1990 with Sam viewing Super Bowl 30, a game played only in 1996. He mentions the Steelers were playing and trailed by 3 points. But in 1996, the Steelers did play in the Super Bowl and trailed by 3 points halfway through.

Person of Interest — Snowden’s 2011 predictions about PRISM and NSA!

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In 2012, the writers created a boyish handsome CIA agent who discovers that the American government illegally spies on American citizens and tries to inform the world, dodging assassins and agents. Truth is stranger than fiction, but for Edward Snowden, the two collided with disastrous consequences.

Legends of Chamberlain Heights — Kobe Bryant’s Untimely Death in a Helicopter crash

Although not very famous, the cartoon series Legends of Chamberlain Heights was an enjoyable show over the short time it ran. The Comedy Central product had its fair. share of dark, tasteless jokes. One dark joke featured basketball legend Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash, killing him as he crawled out from beneath it. The episode aired in 2016, predicted the startling, horrific death of the basketball legend in 2020 and his daughter GiGi. Comedy Central removed the episode, but the scene circulates on the internet.

The Simpsons — Bart To The Future, Predicts Donald Trump As President

Source: The Sun

No discussion of television predictions can be complete without taking note of probably the most infamous prediction ever made by a TV show: the rise of President Trump. One of the jokes in an episode ‘Bart to the Future,’ in 2000, was that Lisa had taken over as POTUS from Donald Trump. According to the writers, the idea that billionaire reality TV star and businessman Donald Trump would not only run the presidential race but also win, was hilarious for the writers. The joke sure drew a chuckle from the audiences and was forgotten for 16 years. Then the 2016 election happened, Donald Trump ran and won, making The Simpsons episode more hilarious with time. What was considered an unbelievable and outlandish gag line became a reality.

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