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Warning! Celebrity Social Media Isn’t the Best When it Comes to Your Body Image And Mental Health

Social media and celebrities today hugely influenced on body image shifts, for better or worse. All celebrities post Facetuned and Photoshopped self- images portraying unrealistic beauty norms. Some celebs use the social media platform sharing personal body-image struggles to re-assure fans and decry setting unrealistic standards. Dishonest celebs are being outed by others for sheer ridiculousness. Jameela Jamil (The Good Place) does call out celebrity diet/detox tea endorsements. Kim K’s army of dieticians, personal trainers, chefs and plastic surgeons help her shape her looks, and there is no way out for others. The celebrity-social-media front definitely impacts on what you find attractive. Body-shaming teaches you to stop judging Women’s Bodies. Lady Gaga defends her belly fat on Instagram while Chrissy Teigen explains her inability to lose her baby weight instantly. Demi Lovato called out a journalist for insisting her weight was the most newsworthy item about her.

Celeb bodies on social media influences perceptions about your own body

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It is natural and unhealthy for humans to compare themselves to others, say experts. When perfect photos of ideal standards are compared, those unable to achieve perfection secretly feel ashamed and defective. The effect of seeing celebrity images on body image in women is well-documented in research. Middle school-aged girls were more severely negatively impacted about body image issues and eating habits by manipulating selfies than by viewing traditional media images. Another research  showed that publishing ones selfies made young girls and ladies anxiety-prone. Some are vulnerable and negatively impacted by celeb social media posts depending on desire to fit in. Today with luck, anyone could become a celebrity so everyone is expected to be celebrity-worthy.

Comments on celeb social media impacts you

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Experts say that the celeb posts and images affect you, due to something called social learning theory.  If we see others making negative (or otherwise) comments with no repercussions, then we tend to engage in these behaviors ourselves. Have you ever mentioned that that was really not a flattering dress on someone or that a particular dress made you look fat. These thoughts have a huge impact on how you see and treat yourself and other people’s bodies. Aesthetic values and diet culture can’t be overturned in an instant, but challenging the status quo , could deliver a healthier body. Some celebrities call out trolls even though famous, show how malicious comments can impact them. Pink clapped back at detractors, admit that that a dress didn’t photograph well, but she felt very pretty and beautiful. She was fine, not worried, perfectly happy, and her crazy strong body was having some much deserved time off. She also thanked others for concerns expressed.

Consume celebrity social media and maintain your self-assuredness

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So when thinking such negative thoughts, ask why having this kind of body is bad? Why should clothes fit a certain way to be flattering? While celeb social media changes, much work remains undone to protect you and your body image. Media literacy about image manipulation is the key to keep social media in its place. You can honestly appreciate to end the shaming cycle and put cognitive dissonance to work if helpful on social media.  Cognitive-dissonance statements effectively increase self-esteem, besides improving mood.

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