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The Most Badly Behaved Reality Stars – Their Dirty Deeds Exposed!

Reality stars provide entertainment and make great TV shows. Absurd rows, diva behaviour and low-drama are ingredients for shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and TOWIE. But atrocious behaviour isn’t appreciated in real life as a few favourite TV stars have landed themselves in serious trouble with the law. Occasionally, their off-screen antics have cost them their on-screen jobs. Here, we review some unbelievable things reality stars do after cameras stop rolling and the aftermath.

Dan Osborne

Creator: Ian West – PA Images | Credit: PA Images via Getty Images | Copyright: PA Wire/PA Images

Long back, Dan was popular on TOWIE but in 2015, was axed after secret tapes of him threatening ex-wife Megan Tomlin were revealed to the press. On the recordings, he was heard threatening to stab her in the throat in front of Teddy, their 18-month-old son. Dan was arrested and finally released by Essex Police without charge. A public apology issued but he never returned to TOWIE.

Paris Hilton

Paris announced in 2007 that she was reformed after a 45-day prison sentence but five years later, police caught her at an airport, carrying cannabis. The ‘Simple Life’ star was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession and sentenced one year of probation, 200 hours of community service, a $2,000 fine and completion of a drug-abuse treatment programme.

Stephanie Pratt

She is a veteran star of the popular MTV show ‘The Hills’ and open about substance abuse issues and her criminal past. In 2006, working as a production assistant on the sets of the popularTV series Lost, she shoplifted approx. $1,300 worth of goods from a departmental store in Honolulu. The Made in Chelsea star was arrested twice; on suspicion of DUI and for driving over a police officer’s foot!

Scotty T

Creator: Karwai Tang | Credit: WireImage | Copyright: 2017 Karwai Tang

Scotty has an uncontrollable temper and has trashed the Geordie Shore house, often, when enraged and also was arrested twice. He was in court in 2014 for punching Sam Hilson and last year, he was cautioned for possessing a firearm, for which apologised. The caution remains on his criminal record, which denies future entry to some countries, which is pretty inconvenient given his work.

Khloe Kardashian

Are you aware that Khloe was sent to jail twice? She was arrested at 15 after stealing her mother’s Range Rover for a spin as no big deal. Seven years later she was behind bars again for DUI offences. She was luckily released within hours due to overcrowding.

Farrah Abraham

Channel 5 bosses cut live transmission of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side’ for 10 minutes, when Aisleyne threw a tall drink at Farrah; the US reality star retaliated violently, throwing a champagne glass striking Vicki Michelle on the head who pressed charges. Farrah has often been in trouble with the law and was arrested in 2013 for DUI offences, pleading guilty to charges.

Megan McKenna

Creator: Jo Hale | Credit: Redferns | Copyright: 2019 Jo Hale

Megan isn’t a bad egg, but serious anger issues have beset the ‘TOWIE’ star, adding her name to the list. Every show involving the reality star (‘X Factor’ was an exception before she became famous), had explosive arguments. On ‘Ex on the Beach’, a row turned violent but cannot compare with her complete meltdown in the Diary Room on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. She has sought professional help to handle her anger issues and seems to be much more calmer now.

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