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Bugatti has THESE Celebs on their ‘Nice’ or ‘Naughty’ List

Celebrities and Bugatti’s perfectly complement each other. It’s one of the few car brands that boost any celebrity’s status when they are out in public. Unlike some car brands, Bugatti is not selective about its clientele. For proof, check out the list of celebs banned by Ferrari. The Bugatti brand isn’t perceived as closed as they prefer to share. Any customer walking in, can look, touch, and feel it at their classy showrooms. Bugatti is not here only to sell cars; it represents a beautiful brand that is very important and that means steering clear of people who bring them bad publicity.

Bugatti’s openness invites celebs to take their reputed cars home, since a celeb driving around in a Bugatti is a fitting endorsement for the brand. When people see their favorite celebs driving Bugattis, they associate that brand with the best. In reality, the brand is far from perfect as there are glaring flaws. Bugatti loves celebs buying their cars, but some prefer never showing up at their showrooms again. Here are some of Bugatti’s beloved celebs today and some bringing down their reputation:


Tom Cruise is among the biggest stars today with an impressive car collection. He and Bugatti seem like a perfect pairing, in fact, the star was among the first to get a Veyron, when Cruise made the brand proud by rolling it out on the red carpet at the premiere of Mission: Impossible III. As he struggled to get the door open, he made the car brand embarrassed in front of the entire world.


Some celebs prefer fanfare while driving around in public, while others shun it. Ronaldo will always be in the good graces of Bugatti as he got a Veyron in 2016 and then a Chiron, after his 400th appearance for the football club Real Madrid. A second Bugatti doubled Ronaldo’s loyalty to the brand, which loves having one of the world’s biggest stars in their cars.


Getting a Bugatti may not have propelled musician Keith Urban to new heights but it did push him up in the list of country stars with better rides than Kid Rock. While many have trouble envisioning Urban with a Bugatti, the brand couldn’t be happier as he’s one of the biggest country stars today, and his Veyron amps up the automaker’s profile much more. Spotted with a white one, and another customized black one, Urban may have more than one in his car collection.


TV personality, host and producer Simon Cowell is known for critiquing others, but deserves a dose of his own medicine as regards his history with Bugatti. On multiple outings, plenty of paparazzi photographers snapped photos of Simon wizzing around town in his striking Bugatti Veyron, picked up back in 2008. It took a mere six years for the celebrity to discard his Bugatti with only 1,300 miles registered on it. Bugatti may not be happy about this.

Big No-no: FLO RIDA

Some celebs cannot handle their Bugattis. Flo Rida got into trouble driving his Veyron in 2011, after having one too many drinks. The police officer, who pulled him over, put the rapper through a field sobriety test, which he failed to pass. Like every car brand, Bugatti opts to make headlines, but not this way. Even though there’s no such thing as bad publicity, the brand is unhappy with Flo Rida since this incident.

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