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Celebrities Whose Much-publicized Talk Shows Were Cancelled

Certain celebrities are a perfect fit for talk shows, but why are some of Hollywood’s finest facing cancellations? We dream of having talk shows someday and having watched many,  a talk show looks easy. Invite a famous friend, ask relevant questions, play fun music for audience involvement and, it all seems so very easy! However, if these celeb hosts were removed from daytime and late-night TV, it is not all easy work. From unoriginal ideas to low ratings, these celebrities are popular all right but their talk shows flopped. While these shows initially were great ideas, they did not make it.


Credit: Hollywood Reporter

For a celeb owner of an empire, Kris Jenner works very hard. Till her talk show bombed, this woman could do nothing wrong. Created fancy careers she created for five of six kids. Sadly, the Kris Jenner Show, was cancelled after a trial run, failing to last on the Fox network as Fox execs claimed Kris was boring and looked like a deer in headlights.


From among the Real Housewives after their life on Bravo ended, star Bethenny Frankel was primed for success. Her profitable Skinny Girl brands were famous, so a talk show was a logical step ahead. Her show, named Bethenny, was launched in 2012 but failed in the first season.


Zach Galifianakis is hilarious and makes everything funny. Before making it in Hollywood movies, and much before his now-famous talk show, Between Two Ferns, his first late-night show, premiered in 2002 on VH1 as a roundtable of sorts, where his famous friends talked about Hollywood happenings for nine weeks and folded up.


Megan Mullally is unique in Hollywood, known as Tammy II on Parks and Recreation and for Will & Grace, but as a host on NBC in 2006 but surprisingly cancelled in the middle of its only season.


Creator: Bravo | Credit: NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images | Copyright: 2019 Bravo Media LLC

Like Mama Kris, Khloé is great at personal conversations with anyone. Of all the Kardashian-Jenners, she was the best fit for a talk show. The show released in 2016 and lasted barely a season. Cocktails in hand, Khloé invited celeb friends over and ask each other questions. It was eye-opening fun but failed though viewership was no problem; the drama behind the scenes was too much!


He sings, acts, improvises, and dances to remain in the spotlight. His own talk show seemed an easy thing to do, but his daytime talk show lasted only two seasons, despite winning five Daytime Emmy Awards; the ratings were poor and his show folded.


The Hollywood icon is hilarious with a sense of comic timing unmatched by others. A talk show would be the golden ticket and thrive! However, The Show didn’t perform and was cancelled by Fox within a month.


Most celebrities are untouchable or unrelatable but Queen Latifah comes across as approachable and relaxed and a talk show was an easy fit. As great as host Queen Latifah is, her talk show failed to get renewed for a second season.


Creator: Kevin Mazur | Credit: Getty Images for The Recording Academy | Copyright: 2020 The Recording Academy

He is a celebrity you must keep watching, saying the most unique things in a beautiful accent with such verve that it’s difficult to look away. Brand X With Russell Brand appeared on late-night FX for two years before getting dropped but a pilot was picked by the network instead.

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