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Denzel’s Net Worth of $220 Million Has Hollywood Turning Green with Envy

Denzel is an amazing actor, no doubt about that. He shines in whatever role he takes on and his impact on Hollywood has been huge. Yet, it surprises people that his current net worth is pegged at around $220 million. This is not surprising to his fans in the least, given that top grossing actors and actresses are handsomely paid. He has even surpassed the $20 Million Club, where all inductee actors charge $20 million for every film. He has been in show business since 1981 when his first movie Carbon Copy hit the theatres, and then stayed for 8 long years in the TV medical drama St. Elsewhere.

It was a good thing that he decided to move on from this famous series, because he next starred in the 1989 movie Glory.  There were plenty of people who thought he should have won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role, but this was reason enough for him to be sought after by many casting directors. In the 90’s he gave a string of amazing performances in blockbusters and critically acclaimed movies alike. The Bone Collector, Devil in a Blue Dress, Philadelphia and Malcolm X were massive hits.

Finally, in the 2000’s, he would clinch that elusive Oscar, all thanks to his role as the corrupt cop Alonzo Harris in Training Day. This made him the second black actor in history to win an Academy Award in the Best Actor category. Because he was now an Oscar winner, he started getting even more high paying jobs. Over the years, he has slowed down on how many projects he takes on, and even forayed into theatre, with this move causing no harm to his solid net worth.

When not busy acting, he’s directing and producing movies. So add that to the list of where his money comes from. He also has a giving side, indulging in charity and philanthropy from time to time. And from what we hear from co-stars, directors and crew members who have worked with him, he’s a solid good guy. What’s not to like about Denzel!

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