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Goldie and Kurt Could Very Well be the Richest Couple in Hollywood

Hawn and Russell define Hollywood royalty. Both are incredibly talented actors, and have stayed with each other longer than most Hollywood couples and without marriage. Both Hawn and Russell affirm that the key to a prosperous relationship is not being married. Hawn opines that she chooses to stick with Russell on a daily basis, and that is liberating. He, too, chooses her each and every day, with no paperwork tying them together. If this can work for all other couples is untested, but it obviously has worked for both as they celebrate three decades together. Their astonishing 36-year relationship has people talking but the power couple is among the wealthiest (and happiest) couples in Hollywood. How did the power couple make their riches? Here are some answers.

Goldie Jeanne Hawn, took her first steps in Washington, D.C, being born in 1945. During her 73 odd years, Hawn earned a fortune worth $101 million due to her fruitful acting career, though she was a professional dancer even before she began acting. She has appeared in movies like Cactus Flower, Shampoo, Snatched, Overboard, Dollars, and Private Benjamin.

Kurt Vogel Russell, a native of Springfield, Massachusetts was born in 1951, in. During his 68 years, Russell amassed a fortune worth $70 million from his acting career, although he briefly played minor league baseball in the 1970s. A few of his best movies are Forrest Gump, Overboard, Original Family Band,  The Fox and The Hound, Tombstone, The One and Only, Genuine,Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Elvis. Russell will soon appear in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood in 2019.

Kurt and Goldie definitely are among the top ten richest Hollywood couples having amassed $171 million, and look like the happiest couple in Hollywood. They also have a huge loving family with children from previous marriages and a bevy of grandkids. With 36 years of togetherness and no signs of slowing, their fairy tale is never-ending.

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