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Hong Kong’s Top Actresses Lead Surprisingly Extravagant Lives!

All have heard about Hollywood, but how many have heard about Hollywood of the East, the Hong Kong film industry which produced greats in the entertainment world, like Wong Kar-wai, Bruce Lee,  and Chow Yun-fat. The sizzling 80’s and 90’s were the golden age of this very profitable industry with 400 films produced annually and surpassed India, making Hong Kong the ‘largest Asian exporter of films’. The great actors and actresses have sadly faded away from the limelight, after the industry dwindled. But a few retained their opulence, extravagance, comfort-levels and life-styles. Their luxuries, including flats and cars reveal it all. Some of these interesting actresses with super lavish lifestyles have stepped away from the spotlight, while others reach superstardom.


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Lai is ‘christened’ as the “Goddess of Beauty” by the local press has. The ravishing beauty possesses a massive properties portfolio. Her plush duplex overlooking the Victoria Harbour called Branksome Grande in the Mid-Levels Hong Kong neighborhood, is termed a ‘veritable palace’ by locals. The spacious 8600 sq. ft. flat, cost about US $46.5 million. Lau married Patrick married Ting-Kung, a millionaire businessman at the Peninsula hotel, where the wedding gown and evening dresses were valued at over US $815,000. When their twin daughters were born in 2010, Lai was gifted a 190-meter yacht termed ‘Bonheur’ (Happiness).


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Michele is best known for her femme fatale role in Fallen Angels, directed by Wong Kar-wai easily stands out among others. Reis stay in a 4300 sq. ft. flat in Highcliff, among the tallest homes in the world. The 75th floor flat costs around US $128.8 million, and has a table tennis room and music studio. During the pandemic, Michele spent US $645 thousand on a parking spot at Kadooria in a luxurious residential area at Kowloon. The three-storied flat with a working lift, has13 bedrooms that cost around the US $10.8 million. The staff and maintenance costs exceed US $12,800. She celebrated her 50th birthday in 2020, with family members on a luxurious private yacht.


Diva Rosamund’s stunning properties are estimated at around US $64.5 million. Her house overlooks Victoria Harbour and is among the most affluent in Hong Kong, and cost US $17.4 million in 2017 at the exclusive Tregunter Towers in the Mid-Levels. Her flat at The Nautilus in Repulse Bay cost her US $14.6 million, a decade back and the rate doubled within three years. Recently, she flaunted her walk-in wardrobes on TVB’s Fortune Show and her collection of designer handbags and high-heels from reputed brands like Chanel and Hermes Birkins are equally impressive.


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She is recognized for posting her extravagant lifestyle on social media and has many flats in prime property areas of Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong property exceeds US $100 million. Her lavish May Tower flat (estimated at US $12.6 million), hosted multiple gatherings for celeb friends and family members. The vintage décor flat styled is reminiscent of the Wong Kar-Wai directed movie ‘In the Mood for Love.’ In a post, Lau showed in her home, a very beautiful vase called the ‘Nine Peaches’ belonging from the Qianlong dynasty, which was auctioned in 2015 by Sotheby’s for US $8 million. Lau’s frequently travels in her private jet- the Legacy 500 mode, estimated at US $20 million.

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