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Kim Kardashian’s Underground Vault at Los Angeles Draws Ire from Neighbours!

Kim Kardashian is always brimming with ideas one of her latest is that the star wishes to add multiple structures such as a subterranean wellness spa and a guardhouse in to her Hidden Hills home at Los Angeles, California. That has triggered off a complaint from a neighbor who is trying to prevent Kim from building the underground vault and more at L.A. Home. While Kim is keen to build upon her Hidden Hills home, her neighbors are dismayed. The new additions that Kardashian intends to build, according to the suit filed, includes a subterranean parking zone, an underground vault, an attached subterranean ‘wellness center’ and a detached guardhouse.

What’s Wrong with Kim’s Plan?

Creator: Rachel Roman | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to legal documents obtained, a neighbor of the 40-year-old star, is asking a judge to stop the reality star from adding various features to her property. Resident Sarah Key, who initiated the filing, named Hills Community Association, not Kim Kardashian, as the respondent. Key asks the Association to terminate Kardashian’s plan to level two hills and install high-pressured gas transmission lines, to enable the neighborhood retains its rustic county setting and construction on the gas lines would place the community members of Hidden Hills at the risk of deadly bodily injury and irreparable personal and property damage.

The filing confirms that Kim’s plans can cause irreparable harm to the two hills in the Hidden Hills area and the two development projects could cause loss of a life. Kardashian and her soon to be ex-husband rapper Kanye West bought this house for $20 million in 2014. The couple hired architect Axel Vervoordt from Belgium to create a very unique looking all-white interior. They stayed with Kim’s mom, Kris Jenner, during the mega renovation and finally moved into their new family home in December of 2017. Jenner tweeted in mid-2018 that the worth of the house was now $60 million.

The Vogue Story

Credit: Vogue

For their Vogue-featured cover story, Jonathan Van Meter visited the estate in 2019, reporting some surprising details about the former couple’s home. You pass through multiple layers of Pentagon-esque security and hesitate at the forbidding front door, which could be lowered over a moat, before walking around the side and enter through the garage like any normal person. Inside the house, Kardashian has a staff kitchen and a show kitchen, according to Van Meter. The staff kitchen is the place Kim spent much time with her husband and kids. The staged show kitchen is there for entertaining, since it has a massive kitchen island and a lovely breakfast nook which can seat twenty. Jonathan described Kim’s bedroom as being as large as an airplane hangar with its bathroom with a shower that is big enough for an entire basketball team. The space houses a large soaking tub make of concrete and an island containing dual sinks with odd slits as drains. The glass walls are all surrounded by dense shrubs for extra privacy.

Creator: Rachel Roman | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to Jonathan, her closet is divided into multiple rooms, including one just for handbags and her many shoes, and dressing rooms, that can be recognized from all her Instagram photos, when she posts shots of her many fittings. In a recent video interview for Vogue, Kardashian gave a tour of the house and said that the vibes were inspired by Vervoordt and Kanye West, comparing it to a minimal monastery, Kardashian explained in the video showing the mansion’s massive, sparsely decorated rooms. How to make it a Home?

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