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Matt LeBlanc was Dangerously Broke before He Was Cast in Friends

Actor Matt LeBlanc was struggling to make it big as an actor for many years prior to landing the role of Joey Tribbiani in the 1994 comedy show. He admits that the global hit series saved his career as Matt Le Blanc had only $11 in his bank account when he struck gold with his role on Friends. It was his 4th TV series, with the other 3 having failed badly and he had only meagre savings when he was hired. He had to rush back and read the dialogues for the character of Joey, at least six times. He wasn’t even sure that he would land the role.

Matt owes success to his mom Patricia, who had to raise him as a single parent in Newton, Massachusetts. In spite of constant financial stringency, the star confirms that he was lavished with plenty of love and encouragement by his mom, to never give up and follow his dream. However, she had her reservations about his choice of career when he relocated to New York City to attempt becoming an actor and lived in a cheap hotel, rife with junkies and suspicious looking people.

Matt who earned $1 million every episode for the show’s final two seasons, said during an interview that his mom brought him up to follow his heart. Without never really having money, she supported him in whatever he did. He remembers the time when she visited him at his ‘cheap hotel room’ and Matt would never forget that look of abject despair on her face while begging him to please return home and give up this career. She felt that he would not make it and genuinely feared for his safety and nothing else.

But it’s a good think that LeBlanc decided to rough it out. He has a reported net worth of $60 million now and is an avid car collector, having only the best and most luxurious of rides in his garage. Lucky him!

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