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After Nasty Legal Battle, Neighbor and Lawyer Call Him a “Mob Leader”

Justin Theroux’s lawsuit (earlier involving ex-wife Friends actress Jennifer Aniston), against a neighbor in his co-op building in Greenwich Village has evolved as a nasty version of furiously banging a stick against the roof. Instead of complaining about too-loud music, the actor has claims that his 71-year-old neighbor, Mr. Norman Resnicow, had deprived him from using their shared deck on the roof due to a bogus property dispute.

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The two-year legal battle alleges Theroux treats his dogs poorly, while Resnicow harassed their co-op board members. Theroux claims that Resnicow harshly scolded his ex-wife and gave her a black eye. Theroux and the co-op’s lawyers alleged that Resnicow violated temporary restraining orders barring him from hassling others in the building.

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Resnicow’s lawyer Peter Levine maintained that his client, a decent and ethical man was targeted by a celebrity bully becoming the victim of a vindictive mob. Justin Theroux, the mob-leader, was least interested in resolving the boundary dispute or building the deck, as he aimed to destroy Mr. Resnicow. Maintaining a wry reserve throughout the wacky proceedings, Justice Gerald Lebovits, asked Theroux’s attorneys what they demanded from Resnicow. Lebovits pointed out that civil contempt authorized jail among other penalties

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Eric Sherman, Theroux’s lawyer sought all legal fees for contempt as well as costs and the board’s legal fees and alleges Resnicow is unhinged and a court order was inadequate. Theroux’s lawsuit in May 2017 claims Resnicow engaged in petty, disrupting antics such as destroying the ivy that was growing between the roof deck portions because Theroux enjoyed the aesthetic ivy. Theroux alleges that Resnicow had shut off water and electricity to the deck and attempted to force Theroux to pay $30,000 for soundproofing the apartment and during the past six months, Resnicow persistently entered his property, in direct violation of his rights. Resnicow was present at the proceedings, while Theroux was absent, and the older gentleman ultimately paid $23,000 for violating restraining orders.

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