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Shatner Has a Net Worth of $100 Million and We are as Shocked as You are

William Shatner, a Canadian-origin actor with a long and distinguised career with a net worth at $100 million, gained mostly by acting in TV shows and some film work. His best known role is as Captain Kirk in the cult hit Star Trek portrayed in the show and later on in films of the franchise.

The futuristic TV show was aired originally in 1966 and ran for a total of 3 seasons but then went to on be made into 6 feature films based on the USS Enterprise and William Shatner just had to be in all of ‘em, although Kirk had to be killed off in the last movie.

He has starred in many other well performing TV shows, playing the main role in the series TJ Hooker as also the leading role in The Practice and it’s spin off Boston Legal. Shatner was awarded an Emmy for playing the character of Denny Crane in The Practice and another one for the same role again in Boston Legal. James Spader and Shatner are the only 2 actors to win Emmys for potraying the same characters in different shows. Running for a total of 5 seasons, Boston Legal had William Shatner star in every and every season.

It was rumored that he raked up $790 million as an endorser of by cashing in on it’s shares held for 30 years. His net worth of $100 million belies this claim. As an author, he earns quite a bit of money on the series Quest for Tomorrow and TekWars, as well as books recounting his experiences of acting on Star Trek. His role as Captain Kirk reflects his interest in the galaxy of sci-fi throughout his career and in the books he has written. He had also narrated many audio books written along with Chris Regan and David Fisher, which are autobiographical. William Shatner is in the acting business for more than 70 years and shows no sign of quitting it, any time soon.

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