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Sure, They Were Great Athletes in Their Heydays, but They Became More Famous After Retirements

Great athletes enjoy a successful career, but have a short professional life, retiring at 40 due to injuries and age. But an athlete’s retired life is different as they have many career options to explore after retirement and their age is an advantage. Many athletes explore an alternative career after retirement, finding more success in their new careers than while playing. Learn about some athletes who were great successes after retirement.


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One of the top five great hockey players ever, Lemieux, is also known as “Super Mario,” was a popular professional hockey player in his day and a hockey team owner, too. Mario won several championships, such as the Pittsburgh Penguins and Stanley Cups. He has been successful in turning around the Pittsburgh Penguins from bankruptcy in 1999. Apart from his sports career, he overcame numerous challenges in his personal as a cancer survivor. He also founded the Hodgkins Lymphoma Foundation which does much work on cancer research.


Charles Barkley had a solid 16-year career as a basketball player in the NBA, but failed to achieve fame as a player. But the “Round Mound of Rebound,” found greater success in his post-retirement career as a pitchman, popular broadcaster, and as a respected commentator. Apart from being a color commentator for TNT’s NBA programmes, Barkley was a spokesperson of Weight Watchers and an author of numerous books. This man is actually a jack of all trades and a great success in many walks of life!


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The entire world knows him as a famous soccer player for England and as a famous American actor in big projects. He was a soccer wonder in the famous English Premier League from 1984 to 1999, playing against teams like Chelsea, Leeds United, and Sheffield. He won the FA Cup championship in 1988 with the Wimbledon which beat Liverpool and anchored the Welsh national soccer team. His nickname “Hard Man,” reflects the fear he instilled against opponents but transitioned to acting after retiring from soccer. He has acted in films like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Swordfish, and X-Men: The Last Man Standing. Retirement is definitely far away.


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Dwayne Johnson is the classic example of another life after retirement. He was a football player who played in the national championship in 1991 for the University of Miami Hurricanes team. This was prior to playing for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League. Dwayne focus shifted to professional wrestling and he was a success there too. His nickname ‘The Rock’ originated in the wrestling ring after winning over 10 world championships. The next turning point in his career was when he became an A-lister actor with customary ease. Some of his best films were Fast and Furious 7, and San Andreas. Fans also enjoy his notable roles in Hercules, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and his television stint Ballers. Dwayne is not going to be retiring anytime soon.

So, if you aspire to give your career a fresh lease of life, your search ends here. These powerful sportspersons broke age-old conventions and rewrote their own rules, to suit themselves. If you have retired and started working again, you do have a story to tell about what you did to reverse the tables on retirement.

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