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Us Average Joes can only Dream of These Exclusive Luxuries Reserved for the Rich

The unfortunate plebeians rarely experience luxuries reserved only for the fabulously wealthy people, though social media channels help to keep tabs on them. It could be a fabulous tropical vacation or exquisite meals prepared by the expert hands of a private chef. We watch it unfolding on Snapchat or Instagram and secretly envy them.

There are services and products designed only for the rich, most of which are unheard of. Would you prefer speaking directly to your bank’s president for banking queries, rather than addressing a teller? Or have luxury brands and big named companies pay you for wearing their products or even host gala parties at your mansion? A few examples of things experienced by the wealthy on a daily basis, while we suffer away in financial obscurity, are given below:

  1. Underwater Luxuries

Imagine being wealthy enough to afford someone be your very own, personal mermaid? This does actually happen and is just one of the many underwater luxuries which rich people can afford. Bill Gates is said to have installed an indoor-outdoor pool in his mega-mansion, which has it’s own music system while a gentleman from Utah built a $2 million pool, just to be able to practice scuba diving.

  1. Kidnapping Insurance

You possibly vaguely recall that kidnapping insurance exists. Of course, the average person rarely needs it. It’s exclusively a product for wealthy individuals as protection from extortion. If you get kidnapped and your friends or family receive a ransom demand, this insurance policy is designed to protect you. Many big named insurance companies offer this service and if at risk, it’s definitely available for purchase. Believe it or don’t but over $1.5 billion is paid in ransoms to kidnappers, annually.

  1. Sponsored parties

Your parties may be cool for your friends, but they’re honestly nothing when compared to events and parties thrown by rich people. A majority of these parties are actually sponsored where companies compete with free gifts and swag for celebrity attendees. Why, you ask? Because this way, they gain access to many wealthy customers, all gathered under one roof. It’s a lot like those gift bags people get when they attend awards shows, filled with expensive samples and products.

4. Private banking

When you visit a bank, you stand in line and see a teller or only use the ATM to withdraw cash. But if you’re rich, you don’t to these things, you get treated like you’re royalty, including having access to a direct ‘anytime’ contact number to senior bank officials or executives. You also access special products and private banking services only reserved for clients with a lot of money

5. Fly to amazing resorts for golf courses

Some play golf to seclude themselves from plebeians and there’s no other better way to detach yourself from others than to play golf in completely inaccessible resorts. For those seeking such experiences, fly-in golf courses do exist with entry exclusively by private planes, making these places inaccessible except for very wealthy players and this ensures your tee-off time is without any traffic snarls.

6. Luxury panic/safe rooms

The wealthy rarely have bare and simple storm shelter cellars like other bumpkins? They crave for bunkers and luxury safe rooms, in case crazy weather hits them or if the plebeians become too rowdy. Just review the new technologically advanced safe houses being built or purchased by the financially endowed. They have everything one could need and can be situated in remote locations (sometimes in metropolises too) all across the planet.

7. Heated everything

In some cities of the globe, heated toilet seats and even sidewalks are common but not so in USA! But rich folks are heating all things which they can get heated. That includes sidewalks so there’s no shoveling involved, food warming drawers so that their pizza is always toasty warm and temperature controlled drawers for always warm towels. None of these services come cheap, and hence only seem affordable to the very rich.

8. Freebies Galore

Celebrities do possess the latest in quality gadgets and clothes and often without paying for them. Special discount cards and brand memberships and are used by the wealthy to get whatever they desire, often for free. It’s like the sponsored parties which double up as a marketing opportunity for many brands. For instance, singer Beyonce Knowles has a Popeye’s Chicken card that provides free food from their restaurant, for life!

9. Concierge services

You may have seen a hotel concierge. But this imperial service is available from various sources, even when they apply for credit cards. Concierges will basically provide you everything you need, or with things that do not wish to do, or have the time or inclination to deal with. Want to book concert tickets or even a flight? A concierge can easily do it. Pick up everyday groceries? They easily do it for you.

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