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The Curious Case of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

Who isn’t curious about the relationship of actors Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes?  Because we definitely are.  The question has always been, “are they?” or “aren’t they?” From the very beginning the two seemed to have made a stand to not address any questions about them.  Nonetheless, they appear to still be very much together, with them being warm to one another, the complete opposite of the current chilly weather in New York City, where they were recently seen.

It seems Foxx and Holmes want to keep people guessing about their low-key romance, not admitting to anything, even to the point of becoming uncomfortable when asked about one another.  Who could ever forget that Jamie Foxx interview where he simply walked out when asked about the Dawson’s Creek actress?

Despite their discreet relationship, though, the couple’s relationship seems to be getting stronger.  The 51-year-old and 40-year-old actress were first seen together in 2013, dancing in the Hampton.  It had only been a year then, when Holmes filed for a divorce from ex-husband Tom Cruise.  Cruise starred with Foxx in the movie Collateral, so people question whether the Ray actor met and fell in love with Holmes while she was still married to Cruise.

With the couple’s recent outing together, people cannot help but wonder whether they are ready to take it to the next level, and by that we mean marriage.  Aside from their walk at Central Park in late March of 2019, Foxx and Holmes have been appearing frequently together in public these past few months.  They were spotted visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently, they were also together during Holmes’ birthday celebration on December 18, 2018, plus their Miami outing before 2018 ended.  When asked, sources close to the couple claim that that the two have known each other for years, they enjoy each other’s company, and when they have the time to get together they take full advantage of the opportunity…

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