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Arnie Attends His Secret Love Child’s Graduation Ceremony and is All Smiles

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 71 couldn’t be prouder as he celebrated his son Joseph Baena‘s graduation from Pepperdine University, sharing a photo to mark the occasion. In the father-son picture, the Terminator actor holds his 21-year-old son’s hand while smiling at the camera and he congratulated Joseph for the four years of hard work studying business at Pepperdine, while earning the celebrations and his love and pride!

The photo was praised by fans for treating Baena just as any proud parent would, as Schwarzenegger had stepped up and publicly acknowledged Joseph, as his son was born out of a scandal when Arnold started an affair with the family’s former house-help, Mildred Baena, while he was still married to journalist Maria Shriver, who belongs to the Shriver and Kennedy political clans. The revelation that Arnold had a secret child was the reason why his marriage to Maria failed and they eventually divorced.

Schwarzenegger and son Joseph Baena share close bonds, with the college graduate recreating his father’s classic pose after Arnie won the Mr. Olympia title for the sixth consecutive year in 1975. The actor also shared weight-lifting tips with Baena in January 2019. In November of 2018, Baena shared yet another peek at his rather impressive physique while posing at the gymnasium. Wearing a pair of black shorts and a bright cutoff shirt in the short video, he flexes his huge muscles, hinting that this progress was just the beginning and hoped to benefit from his famous father’s advice on health and fitness issues.

Schwarzenegger has four other children from Maria Shriver and they are daughters Katherine, 29, and Christina, 27, and sons Patrick, 25, and Christopher, 21. Since he left the California governor’s office in 2011, the 71-year-old Schwarzenegger has only had mixed successes while reviving his flagging acting career but remaining in the public eye due to his social media activity.

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