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Candace Cameron Bure’s Net Worth Is More ‘Fuller’ Than Expected

Candace Cameron-Bure is a very familiar face to American TV viewers, specially because not much has changed about her since she starred as D. J. Tanner on the beloved TV show Full House. Now 42 years old, a whopping thirty years have passed since she first appeared on the famous show, and Bure doesn’t appear to have any plans to slow down at all.  She doesn’t just appear on TV with Netflix’s Fuller House, but she also launched a cookware line, wrote and released 5 books, and is raising 3 kids! She is definitely Supermom, who has the power to balance multiple tasks while taking care of her kids!

As of 2019, Bure has accumulated a commendable net worth of $10 million.  Anyone familiar with the actress may not be surprised with this fact, because they know the Bure started working very young, right at the age of 11. Being born and raised in Los Angeles – which as we know is home to Hollywood – it was natural for Bure to be exposed to and be familiar with the acting world. Her brother, actor Kirk Cameron was instrumental in the start of Bure’s acting career.  The actress may have landed the role of DJ Tanner at the age of 11, but she is said to have started auditioning for parts at the age of 5! She eventually landed a minor role in her brother’s TV show Growing Pains.

As if her acting skills weren’t enough, Bure added ‘author’ to her resume, publishing several inspirational books and one children’s book. Readers found her words to be authentic and sincere and that made her books reach the New York Times best-sellers list.

Besides authoring books, Bure continued to appear on television, competing and coming in 3rd in the reality show Dancing with the Stars. She has also starred in 18 Hallmark made-for-TV movies, co-hosted the talkshow The View, and reunited with her Tanner family in Fuller House. If there is anything Bure cannot do, do let us know, because as of now it appears that she can do it all and also possess an incredible net worth that’s worth of envy.

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