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He May Not Be On Your Screen these Days, but David Schwimmer’s Net Worth will Blow Your Mind!

When you see actor David Schwimmer, it’s hard not to exclaim, “Ross Geller!”, because whether the famous actor admits it or not, it is his most famous acting role to date.  Fans of the show Friends – where Schwimmer’s character of Ross Geller appeared- will agree with us when we say that all of the five stars played the leads, with each of their characters having their moments to shine.  In spite of this, the love story of Ross Geller and Rachel Greene (played by Jennifer Aniston) is one of the highlights of the hit NBC show.  Appearing in 10 seasons of Friends paid off money-wise for Schwimmer, but in the past few years, his career has taken quite a dive, so how come the actor is still worth a whopping $85 million?

Some Hollywood stars caught the acting bug late in their lives, while others have been born with a passion for acting, just like Schwimmer.  Although the actor was born in Queens, New York, he grew up in Los Angeles because his family had to move there.  At the age of 10, Schwimmer had his first taste of the art when he was cast in a Jewish stage version of Cinderella.  Schwimmer was so mesmerized with acting that, at only 13 years old, he attended a Shakespearean play, performed by British actor Ian McKellen, in Los Angeles.  He sealed his fate of sticking to the acting industry by graduating from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater and speech.

It has been said that out of all the five cast members of Friends, it was only Schwimmer who didn’t need to audition because the part of Ross Geller was written with him in mind.  Starring in a hit TV show is a big thing that has provided Schwimmer with great financial success.  Furthermore, if there is another thing the cast of Friends is known for, besides their famous show, it’s the cast’s negotiation of their $1 million per episode payout. They collectively decided that all five of them should get the same salary, regardless of their star status.

After the last episode of Friends was aired in 2004, Schwimmer hasn’t gotten a bigger break than the famous show, although he did give a stellar performance in The People vs. O. J. Simpson. Yet he was able to pursue another passion of his, which is directing.  Friends truly has given Schwimmer the financial freedom to choose his future projects carefully and follow his dream of directing.

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