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Gorge Foreman is Terrified that His Wife May Find Out THIS Secret of His

Whether you have an average 9-to-5 corporate job or a multi-million dollar business empire, we all have strange hobbies that might be difficult to explain to others. These hobbies can be even stranger or bizarre if you are a Hollywood star with billions of dollars to spend on purchasing things that others can only dream of buying, like private jets, islands, expensive mansions, and travel getaways. Or for collecting things which no one else wants! For George Foreman, the celebrated heavyweight boxer, he is obsessed with building his huge car empire.

From the time he became famous, Foreman has always been spending some of his wealth to buy expensive cars. Care to guess how many cars are hidden in his huge garage at this moment? Unknown to George, his fascination has quickly became an unhealthy obsession for possession of rare cars after it came to light that his extravagant collection actually consists of 50 luxury cars! His obsession with cars grew so deep that he was forced to protect his collection from his wife!


In an interview, the boxing superstar exposed his fascination with these cars to his own fans. Foreman could not help but say how proud he was of his diverse collection, ranging from exotic automobiles, classic cars, to electric and modern vehicles from the biggest auto brands, today. When asked how his obsession started with collecting vehicles, George said his 1977 Volkswagen Beetlewas the car that got him interested in classic automobiles. Ever since he saw the car, he had wanted to buy it. However, he had to patiently wait to collect enough money to buy his dream car.


As Foreman didn’t have much money when he entered the boxing arena, he treated the black Volkswagen as his “dream vehicle” which inspired him to work harder and gather enough money one day. When he managed to save enough, Foreman persisted in purchasing his very first luxury car, and the rest is history. After his career surged ahead, the famous pugilist expanded his car collection slowly. Every time he won a title and earned a cash prize, he never forgot to buy one vehicle to reward his efforts. His collection features several classic vehicles like Ferrari 360, G-Wagen, Ford, Ferraris GT, Lamborghini Diablo, Chevrolet, a R129 Mercedes SL, a 1950 GMC pickup, and many other noteworthy cars that he has not even disclosed to the public yet.


When asked how many automobiles he actually had hiding in the belly of his garage, the former boxer sheepishly admitted that he has purchased 50 vehicles as on date and he shows no signs of really stopping these buys. He confesses that his entire collection won’t fit the garage anymore and that is why he hides some cars at his other homes. But who is he hiding them from? Foreman admitted that Mary Joan Martelly, his wife, is very unhappy with his car collection. While she is very supportive, she reprimands him for wasting money on cars as he admits to driving very few cars from his collection. Most vehicles have never been outside. However, this could change soon as George Foreman IV, his fourth son, maintains these cars and wishes to test-drive them all. So he has an ally now!

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