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The Reason Why Jack Dorsey is Called Silicon Valley’s Gwyneth Paltrow

There is a reason why Jack Dorsey is considered the Gwyneth Paltrow of Silicon Valley, and we are here to explain why.  But to simply put it, just like the actress, he is a mega-influencer in the tech world.

So who exactly is Jack Dorsey? In case you didn’t not know, he is a superstar in Silicon Valley because he founded Twitter back in 2006.  After being removed from the position of the company’s CEO in 2008, he returned after successfully founding another company, mobile payments company Square.  The billionaire guided the company since the time he was restored as the CEO, even through one of his employees testified in Congress during the techlash social media received recently with regard to the issue of privacy.

Dorsey has a current net worth of $5.1 billion, but being rich and famous is not the reason why he is compared to Paltrow.  The 42-year-old chief executive of Twitter is infamous because of his health practices.  HVMN founder Geoffrey Woo said that Dorsey’s position as influencer in the tech world is incomparable right now. Dorsey is seen by many as a wellness guru, a role he has the ability to play, since he does not need to worry much about working 8 hours a day to earn a living.  The Twitter CEO starts his day by drinking what he calls as a ‘salt juice’, which is a combination of lemon and Himalayan salts.  Other practices he follows in the morning are ice-cold baths and infrared saunas.  He also manages to get in two hours of daily meditation every day.

That’s not all, you would think a billionaire like Dorsey would always travel around driving expensive cars or was being chauffeured around in a limo, but it’s not the case with him.  He actually prefers to walk five miles to his office or he needs to go to the gym for some high-intensity interval training.

Diet wise, Dorsey eats just one meal a day, a practice he says helps him become more focused.  Furthermore, he also does intermittent fasting.  It may seem a wellness trend that’s over the top, but he has actually acquired many devotees because of his health practices.  Many in Silicon Valley are glad he is spreading the message that health and wellness is important, plus the demand for the things he uses are now insane, proof how great of an influencer Dorsey actually is.

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