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The Real Reason Why Britney Checked into a Mental Health Facility

It’s not a secret that music superstar Britney Spears has had issues with her mental health.  Remember her highly-publicized breakdown in 2007? She was photographed and her actions video recorded when she shaved her head in a salon and attacked an SUV with an umbrella.  That other time when she was brought out of her house strapped to a gurney was probably the moment her family, especially her father, thought an intervention was needed.  Britney’s father became co-conservator of her estate, then she received treatment for her bipolar disorder, and with her father being the star’s source of support, she was able to straighten up her life once again.

However, it seems Britney’s mental health is on the line again, when it was learned that she recently had herself admitted to an all-encompassing wellness’ facility, which translates to a mental health treatment facility.  But unlike her 2007 breakdown, Spears is doing this to get some ‘me time’, so she can focus on her the well-being and re-align her mind, body, and spirit.  The move comes shortly after the singer’s father, Jamie, suffered from a life-threatening ruptured colon.

Sources claim that her father’s health scare was taking a toll on Britney’s mental health.  But it’s the singer herself who is taking up the initiate this time around, checking into the facility.  She also announced she’d be putting her Vegas show ‘Domination’ on hold, so she could put her family and herself first.  Britney recently put herself on stage again with her Vegas show ‘Britney: Piece of Me’ over the summer, and her fans made sure that her tour was an undeniable success.

Over $100 million in ticket sales were made with the pop superstar’s first Vegas residency.  Nonetheless, her career success is nothing without her family, who had always been there in the past to support her through her many struggles.  What a smart and brave move for Britney, and we commend her for it!

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