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How Tiger Woods Made his Big Comeback: Hush Hush Romance, Being a Good Dad and Focusing on Health

When Tiger Woods won the US Open in 2008, he limped off the course but when he won the Masters in 2019, he leaped with joy. Officially, a bum knee almost destroyed his golf career a decade ago, but he was crushed by the weight of his entire life crashing down on him after Thanksgiving in 2009. The last traces of the beast has been vanquished as Woods, who saddened countless fans and well-wishers with his very uncharacteristic behavior (intoxication, cheating, crashing his car!) sent the sports gurus into overdrive. He emerged broken and bruised from the episode, convincing most people that his career was over. But the Phoenix has now been re-born!

The scandal-marred golfer was in total denial and rationalized his bizarre behavior, lying to himself and to others. The way he was behaving caused harm to the people he loved and cared about and this realization made him change for the better. Undramatically co-parenting with ex-wife Elin Nordegren, he has kept his love life with new girlfriend, Erica Herman, very low-key, ever since they started dating in 2017. His wife has moved on, and their relationship now remained centered on their children as Tiger remains a good father and has been doing really good with his kids. Healing physically and mentally over the past few years improved his game and his relationship with his children.

He was very fortunate to be handed another chance to do something that he loved and participate in his children’s lives which he couldn’t for a number of years. His kids are more active and boisterous than him, despite his competitive nature, he tries to keep up with them. Woods is all-business once he tees off, but when it’s celebration time, he has some very devoted people backing him.

In the televised Masters tournament, after enveloping his children Sam and Charlie in a massive hug, Tiger embraced his mother, Kultida Woods, and then we saw him hugging Erica. He rates this historic win ranked atop his 14 other major titles, and he says that he was lucky enough to do this again.

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