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Ever Wonder What Donald Trump Eats in a Day? We Have the Answers!

The diets of famous people are fascinating and we all would like to know how our favorite celebs nourish themselves, more so because it can reveal a lot of information about them. Donald Trump’s diet is the subject of much debate. Every aspect of his life has been so scrutinized that his food choices represent the President himself. Let’s have a look at the POTUS and his everyday diet and figure out if you eat what he eats?


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Trump is not keen on the day’s first meal.Breakfast is avoidable but he prefers medium bacon and over-well eggs, cereal or a McDonald’s McMuffin and doesn’t drink coffee or tea. A dietitian who studied Trump’s diet said that the President must replenish nutrients as his body cannot store it overnight. Bacon is a processed pork product linked with cancer and his risk of developing the disease increases. His high-protein diet puts added pressure on his organs if he doesn’t drink enough water.


Trump does not eat much during the day and the President usually goes 14 to 16 hours without food but is a fan of meatloaf sandwich, which is a decent lunch with brown bread. Meatloaf is typically 100% meat without any roughage and no fiber, which can cause issues to gut health. Without feeding your gut bacteria with fruit and vegetables, you negatively impact the immune system and lead to infections.


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Having eaten lightly the rest of the day, Trump is a huge fan of fast food for dinner, including McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC and not just for the taste or reliability but from a safety perspective. Trump says that one bad hamburger can destroy McDonald’s or Wendy’s and all other places, out of business. He likes cleanliness, and the idea where the food is coming from. His preferred order is a full McDonald’s dinner of 2 Filet-O-Fish burgers, 2 Big Macs, and chocolate shake – a total of 2,430 calories. He loves McDonald’s so much that he asked the chefs at the White Houseto recreate the food but they couldn’t match the satisfaction of the originals. Trump is a big pizza aficionado, but doesn’t eat the crust at all.

When not eating burgers or fried chicken, Trump loves himself a good steak. He likes them well-cooked, and served with ketchup. He usually does not try new things or experiment with a restaurant’s creative dishes. When it comes to eating at the White House, Trump has a preferred eating pattern and is served different food to that of his guests.

Snacks and drinks

The president loves Diet Coke drinking 12 cans a day. He shuns alcohol possibly as his brother had a problem with substance abuse and told Donald not to drink. He snacks on crisps and the White House kitchens are always stocked with Doritos and Lays potato chips.

The verdict

Source: Pexels

Trump’s chefs must have a slightly better balanced diet, and his plate of food should be half-filled with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with carbohydrates and a quarter with proteins. His food contains no omega-3s, which can be obtained from foods like seeds, oily fish, and nuts. And eventually the body will start making do with other types of fats, that are less fluid, thus, making it tougher for neuro-transmitters to pass through and this is may be linked to mood disorders. Trump seems to have changed his eating patterns in the recent weeks, without eating a burger for two weeks and has only soups and salads. Will this continue? Who knows?

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