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If You Love Green, You Should Support These Crowdfunding Campaigns

Just because you hear crowdfunding success stories everywhere does not mean it works for everyone or even brings good in people’s lives, for that matter.  There will always be both a good side and a bad side to everything.  When a crowdfunding campaign fails, the receiving end is often the hardest hit (the people who donated or contributed) – often not getting what they expected from the money they invested.  However with some crowdfunding initiatives, the good outweighs the bad, specifically projects that save lives – both humans and animals, empower people, and help preserve nature.

Bamboo Planting for Pandas

Pandas are one of the animals on the list of endangered ones on the planet.  And in case you did not know, these cute and cuddly animal breeds are very picky when it comes to the food they eat – they only want to consume bamboos and they like them fresh.  However, in the Shaanxi Province of China, where there are three panda habitats, they are experiencing a shortage of the said plants.

Back in 2016, it was said that pandas have been removed from the endangered species list and have now moved up to ‘vulnerable’ status – a report that a lot of groups called ‘premature’.  Pandas are still considered endangered, and a lot of factors are contributing to the decreasing number of pandas in the world.  There is land development that removes these creatures from their natural habitat or home, natural disasters such as landslides and earthquakes, and last but not the least is the fast aging of the bamboo plant species that pandas prefer to eat, because of climate change.  The accelerated aging of bamboos contribute to the development of herbivorous insect outbreaks in them, therefore leading to the destruction of the plant that provides pandas their nourishment.

One of the three panda breeding locations in Shaanxi in China, Qinling Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, has reported that each of the 23 giant pandas they have need to consume an approximate 50 kilos of fresh bamboo each day.  That number equates for the base’s need of 400,000 kilos of bamboos every year.  And they are not the only breeding base in the province; there are a total of 3 with each one having 23 giant pandas.  And since the bamboo farm in the region are only able to meet 2 months of panda food consumption for all the bases, the latter are relying on shipment from outside sources for bamboos.  For this reason, the crowdfunding project, ‘I Plant Bamboos for Pandas’ was created and it was backed by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Yiwuzhishu.  The project’s aim is to be able to plant, in the Shaanxi Louguantai Forest Farm, a total of 133 hectares of bamboo.  The sustenance of the pandas in Shaanxi depends on the success of this crowdfunding project, which we believe is proof of the good that crowdfunding brings to the world.

Clairy’s Natede Campaign for Clean Air

How badly you want to live in a place enveloped in nature, with air that’s so clean it’s so easy to breathe does not necessarily mean you can make that wish of yours come true.  Work opportunities are often found in an urbanized city, so unless you have the luxury of not working but still have the money to provide for your needs so you can transfer to a home closer to nature, you are trapped in a place where the air is so polluted that you sometimes want to wear a mask all day.  Do not despair, because your love for nature and your need for cleaner air can be addressed by Clairy through their new product, the Natede.  The device is a smart air purifier that also doubles as beautiful plant holder.  One of Clairy’s promises that can be delivered by this product is the supposed monitoring of air in your home, as well as helping in the circulation of fresh and clean air within your home with its purification process.

The device itself is nature-friendly, made from ceramic, a sustainable biomaterial.  If you’re wondering just how it works and how it differs from other air purifiers, the Natede actually makes use of phytoremediation, which is the process where plants play a key role in filtering toxins in the air close to them.  The fan located at the base of the unit boosts the air that enters through the plant thereby assisting in the purification process.  Clairy’s campaigns in the platforms Indiegogo and Kickstarter have earned them $900,000 and $890,000 each.

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