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During This Pandemic, Your Credit Card May Come to Your Rescue

Experts say that credit card debt management campaigns, must have a foundation that is based on household finances. Every individual and every household must have a budget in place and both short-term and longer-term budgets are relevant today. A robust family budget does not restrict spending, but guides expenditure goals to secure all that you really need. To ensure that, carefully set goals (with family members) that are mandatory, with definite priorities.

Use a credit card instead of a debit card

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In times of economic strife, American credit cardholders paid $82 billion in card debt in the second quarter of 2020 when the unemployment rate is 10.2 %. With financial uncertainty, credit cardholders should lower plastic debt during the pandemic. Apps help navigate credit cards with free online tools, focussing on two main card issues, leading to a positive result: Leverage credit relief programs that banks offer and certain fees are waived, enabling a more manageable economic load. Pay on time a 30-day minimum on all credit card debts as one late credit card payment ,over 30 days, adversely affects credit score.

Credit Card Debt management

Pay for necessities like food, clothing, and shelter, including minimum payments on secured debts like a house or a car. If you miss payments, you end up losing the asset. Ensure paying down credit card debt, as it effectively produces a 15-20 % return, which is significant savings. Leverage all financial help from lenders. Many card providers are changing credit terms, with payment plans, deferring payments, or waiving interest, and work out a debt-elimination strategy. Zero-percent credit cards or even personal loans help card consumers refresh their credit card experience.

Use zero % credit cards

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Credit card management is about avoiding behaviours leading to negative financial outcomes in times of crisis.  Experts say when household finances are in a precarious position, no self-control over purchases using your credit card is dangerous as is using credit cards for revolving debts or just paying minimum monthly payments.

Withdrawals from retirement fund

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Withdrawals could be a habit and you can be tempted to repeat it for unnecessary expenses. Losing track of our spending whether at a store or when shopping online, you fail to keep tabs, spending way beyond your budget.

How secured credit cards can help build your credit

Credit cardholders can recover from card mistakes by organizing and getting rid of credit cards not in regular use, cards with high annual fees, low rewards, and poor customer support hotlines. Stick to your pre-pandemic budget and budget for every gift, leisure travel, apparel, and charitable donations made. Investing  5-10% of salary in an interest-bearing account on a consistent basis is essential and fruitful.

Always protect your credit

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A priority for cardholders is to protect credit scores as a good credit score enables consumers secure better deals and lower interest rates. The pandemic has destroyed personal finances of thousands and damaged many credit scores. Experts advise using mobile financial apps to build credit while you save money. Instead of getting the money upfront, you pay for 1-2 years, as agreed upon in your chosen term. These apps report each on-time payment to all 3 credit agencies to enable you to build credit and at end-term, your payments become savings.

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