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These Investment Options Seem Wacky, But They Reap Great Rewards – Part I

A volatile stock market and crummy interest rates ensure that some people become creative about investing money. Before dealing with innovative investments, experts advise a cap of 5-15% of an overall portfolio. Here are some weird and unusual ways used for investing money:

Fine Art

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The stock market took a beating in 2018, and with dark political and economic clouds looming ahead, now is a good time for alternative investments. One interesting option to consider is art investments. Buying and selling famous paintings has been traditionally reserved for ultra-wealthy, but the common man can now get into the game. Companies like Masterworks pool people’s money and purchase blue-chip artwork, claiming returns exceeding 10% annually on your investment. Don’t withdraw your entire savings to buy a Monet, but this is a good option when options are poor.

Ebay Land

Ebay users may remember the infamous “Virgin Mary” cheese sandwich with the price tag of $24,000. What about the Mojave Desert corner plot that sold for $57? Ebay has hosted a plenty of cheap land/plot auctions like those and most plots are dirt cheap for a reason: their poor location ensures that there’s no demand. However, some investors are not deterred from scooping them up, hoping that they will be worth a bucket of cash. They possibly bet upon McDonald’s opening in a Death Valley location.

Music Royalties

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The Theme Song from the Monkees goes thus “Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees”. Would you believe this song produces about $10,000 a year in royalties and it’s possible to earn a piece of these royalties by purchasing at auction, a share of the song. Songwriters can sell a part of royalties on well-known websites like and and these auctions are open to all. The Monkees’ Theme song is an example of several songs up for sale, with shares starting at $3,000. You receive royalties until the copyright ends (typically 95 years from the artist’s death). The Monkees’ signature song will ensure copyright royalties until 2099!

Tax Lien Certificates

Many homeowners are unable to pay property taxes in a rough economy, enabling investors to take advantage by purchasing the county’s tax lien. As local governments cannot wait to collect tax bills, tax liens are auctioned for purchase by savvy investors seeking high interest rates with low risks.

Hurricane Options

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A group of investors closely watch weather trends in the tropics as Weather Risk Solutions has an online trading market allowing traders to bet on where a hurricane /typhoon/cyclone might land. Traders purchase and sell off Hurricane Risk Landfall Options for different regions in the Atlantic/ Gulf coasts. Should a hurricane hit the region covered by the investor’s option, pay-outs are split with others on the winning bet. The beta stage exchange is work in progress, but attracts a wide range of investors familiar with disaster markets.

Bank Account Bonuses

While customers of Bank of America deal with new fees on-and-off, a few banks still pay large bonuses those new customers who open an account with them. Bank bonuses are easily the quickest ways to make a great return on your money in the shortest possible time. You easily locate an updated list on the internet of bank bonuses.

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