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Are You Serving in the Military? Then We are Here to Help You Save

If you are serving in the military, you serve your country by working in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or the Coast Guard. You preserve your country’s traditions and give priority to its sovereignty. You have also to deal with issues all ordinary individuals face in daily life. This is especially true for funds management and related stress involved. A poll by the National Foundation for Credit Counselling revealed that 90% of military personnel feel anxious as regards money matters such as saving for the future and post-retirement issues.


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No magic formula can lose weight except for working out more and eating less. Similarly, no secret system saves money except spending less. On receipt of a paycheck, always deposit a portion in a savings account and watch your money grow by forwarding amounts to high-yield savings account with higher interest rates offered. Depositing more into your high-yield savings account, ensures your annual percentage yield climbs higher. Some high-yield savings accounts do not require maintenance of minimum balances.


You can decide how much can be spent, saving the rest for future emergent needs. You must be much disciplined about spending for daily necessities, when eating out or going on trips. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned, if you’re serious about saving money. You may be confident that you know everything about money. Actually, you are only walking by the seashore, finding seashells. There is room for knowledge, always. With exposure to various financial aspects, you become financially stable. There are a plethora of saving tips that help you manage incomes more effectively.


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Every officer or member of the military is known for 3 D’s – dedication, discipline, and diligence. These are also required while preparing your budget and despite all obstacles, stick to it. The NFCC poll reveals that 54% of the army members failed in maintaining a budget. This applies to more than 50% of their family members, especially their spouses. So stick to your decision to save that Dollar!


Should an emergency occur in your life requiring emergency hospitalisation and you need money urgently, are you secure financially? A Federal Reserve study estimates that 40 % of USA residents confess that payment of $400 instantly would be traumatic for them. This is why financial advisors suggest creating an emergency fund. An emergency fund is of great utility value and is a lifesaver during any crisis. A small portion of your paycheck can be earmarked to the emergency fund, enabling you to sail over troubled waters when needed.


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As military personnel, you rank high in society as people respect you and you remain highly esteemed and is pretty natural. Military people avail of military discounts at movie halls, malls, restaurants, and other places, as also army veterans. You need to find out where these discounts are available. Those managing malls, movie halls, and restaurants gladly offer discounts to those belonging to the military, enabling you save to a lot.

There are many more methods to save money, in tune with your short-term and long-term financial objectives. To handle these professionally, consult an experienced financial advisor.

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