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These Six Non-Hedonistic Celebrities Prefer a Normal, Middle Class Lifestyle

Most celebrities make much money through appearances, endorsements, and their work. Not all celebs stay in grand mansions with luxury cars. That flashy lifestyle doesn’t work for long as many celebrities in the past have had to face bankruptcy. However, some stars remain smart about managing their money. Financial discipline means no splurging or changing lifestyles immediately upon getting huge pay checks. Some famous people are more like us, as they prefer to live like “normal” people.

Kristen Bell

The actress had a steady job on television for many years, with voice-over work for Frozen and other box office giants… no wonder that she is reportedly worth $10.1 million, according to experts. But she still remains frugal by cutting lots of coupons and almost shops exclusively with them for better prices with her favourite coupon being the Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. She hints that she has even used her neighbours’ coupons when they weren’t looking.

Vincent Kartheiser

The Mad Men star lived in an modest one-bedroom bungalow when he was starring on the hit show. He had it done up with a bed descending from the ceiling and a hidden fire pit, too. He bought the micro-sized bachelor pad in 2014 for $547,000 and only moved to start a family, listing it for a cool $808,000. Buying a modest place and flipping it only to sell at a profit, is definitely a middle class goal.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress played Carrie Bradshaw on SATC which is constantly on syndication and is still raking in money. She is worth $90 million and as a fashion icon you would think she buys clothes left and right. However she ensures her son reuses clothes, wearing hand-me-downs from older nephews and even her brothers’ clothes. She has never bought him any clothes except a new winter coat and shoes, because everybody’s feet are different.

Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones star could spend much if he wanted to, but is extremely frugal and ex-wife Marianne Faithfull was surprised to find out he was stingy! The singer claims that his generation was brought up in the 1950’s, and taught to be frugal and not throw away computers in frustration if they don’t work and repair cars instead of junking them. The truth is, most English people, whether rich or not so rich don’t splurge like crazy.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Oscar winning actress has starred in blockbuster movies, ever since her first big lead role in The Hunger Games franchise. She is now worth $75 million but not much has changed in her life since achieving success. She has no known personal assistants, does all of her own personal shopping, and prefers to live in modest homes. She drives a hybrid Chevy Volt, a very affordable ride and looks out for deals and bargains when shopping but now allows someone to park her car paying four bucks for that.

Jay Leno

The talk show host made much money from his gig, but learnt a tough lesson from his early working days. As a kid, he had two jobs at a Ford dealership and at a McDonald’s. He would spend the money from one job, saving money from the other and that continues even now. He lives on the money made as a comedian, saving all the TV money in the bank. He never spent a dime of the TV money earned, well, may be just on his extensive car collection, which is his only vice.

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