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Struggling To Keep Those Pennies In Your Pocket? These Tips Can Help!

College is one of the most exciting phases of life, and nobody can deny that. But you’d also have to agree that college can be very tough. The rush of classes, assignments, and maintaining good grades, can sometimes be a little too much. Add to that one of the most pertinent struggles – insufficient funds – and you can imagine how challenging it may get for some.


Unsplash | The rush of classes, assignments, grades, and managing financing can sometimes be a little too much.

Whether it’s the rising tuition fee or climbing living expenses, most students can’t spend with a free hand in college despite wanting to.

So, if you’re a budding mind and just want to have a good time without worrying about that depleting penny-pile, relax! We’ve put up some solutions that will reduce your expenses and let you sail smoothly through college.

Stay away from the college bookstore

You read that right! Now you’re probably wondering how you’ll pass a course if you don’t have its textbook. Well, we aren’t saying you shouldn’t have any, what we mean is that try to procure your study material from other sources. Seek out a senior, or the University library, or maybe a fellow student to borrow textbooks. Another option is downloading books if they’re available online (that’ll also make reading easy via mobile or computer).

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Unsplash | You could save a bit if you borrow books from seniors or peers instead of buying new ones

Check your mobile usage

Most college-goers can’t do away with their phones, so the bills keep piling. Some services can help you monitor your mobile phone bills so that you can pull the plug before you’re neck-deep into a debt. Such services recommend plans that suit your financial capability, and they also have features that alert you when you’ve exceeded your monthly limit. This is sure to go a long way to cut excess expenses on your mobile.

Part-time jobs

Earning isn’t restricted to after you complete your education. Though you may have heard it a thousand times – you can’t get a job without proper education – this doesn’t apply for everyone. If you want to have more money to get what you need on campus, you need a part-time job. Add your salary, no matter how much, to the allowance you receive from home, and you may be able to put a reasonable sum together.

This will even reduce your dependence on your parents. Plus, if you start working during college, you get to learn the importance of teamwork and other work ethics early on in life. Spoiler: if you work in restaurants, you may gain access to free food!

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Unsplash | Taking up part-time jobs could also be a good idea to get some extra cash in your pocket

To Conclude

College life is fun, but saving money while studying isn’t easy, especially when your mates are splashing it around. Well, guess what; with the tips mentioned above, you can not only pass through college with a financial cushion but also pave the way for a great job in the future. But remember, in an attempt to save some cash, don’t forget to pursue your dreams and passions in college.

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