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Actor Neil Patrick Harris Spends his Money on Some Odd Things…

Neil Patrick Harris has starred in popular shows like ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Doogie Howser MD’, and ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ and is well-loved by audiences. His onscreen charm only reflects his actual personality. Just like his television persona Barney Stinson, Harris spends time and also buys things that reflect his varied and unusual interests. Some of the crazy things you’ll find inside his home:


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Neil Patrick Harris has a magical screen presence, as he sings, dances, acts and hosts the Tony and Emmy awards. He’s also actually magical, and has been since he was a kid. Much before he became the young Doogie Howser, M.D., Harris absolutely lives and breathed Magic. Visiting his grandparents’ Albuquerque home meant visiting the nearest magic shop to spend his allowance on card or coin tricks for his collection, working on mastering the newest illusion while returning home. The entertainer even showed off his magic skills as Barney in the TV show How I Met Your Mother, as he dabbled in magic on-screen. Harris performs magic tricks on talk shows.


Harris’ vintage style bar earned the name, The Monkey Bar, due to the four monkey decorations perched on it. On the show, Barney (Neil Harris) and Ted (Josh Radnor), dreamt about owning their own bar called ‘Puzzles’. That never came true for them but Harris continued to live the dream. The actor built a bar in his home, putting it to good use as Harris enjoys hosting parties and makes drinks for guests. He’s a great cocktail mixer with David Burtka’s mixology lessons. Harris and Barney have much more in common than thought.


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Harris spent a decade on a hit CBS sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and was emotional when it ended in 2014. To remember the great times he’s had starring, he took home one memorabilia from the set, the bar booth Barney and others in the gang regularly sat on. The famous TV booth now adorns the Harris’ home.


Harris and Burtka, are fathers to twins, and well-known for enthusiastic celebration of holidays. A perennial favorite is Halloween and they always enjoy getting dressed up for the event! Their enduring love for the spooky holiday cannot end there as Harris enjoys collecting Halloween trinkets and his prized possessions contain a Haunted Mansion figure and possesses a Haunted Mansion painting for which he outbid Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO.


Harris keeps his cool and strange collection in the 8,000-square-foot Harlem townhouse home. The former bed and breakfast property has an interesting background, breaking neighborhood records when purchased by Harris for about $4 million in 2014. Over 14 months, the couple transformed the property assisted by Trace Lehnhoff, designer and Jeffery Povero, architect.


Credit: Los Angeles Times

Countless hours of his free time disappear as he’s the leader at the Academy of Magical Arts, which is located in the Magic Castle on a hill overlooking Hollywood. Magic well performed amazes people and the effect stays with them, Harris said in a recent interview. Harris knows the historic Magic Castle, the winding corridors and staircases intimately and greets staff members by name, fiddling with temperamental switches personally and takes pride in progress under his leadership.

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