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Why Anne Heche Called Her Episode of Hollywood Medium “A Celebration”

Even though clairvoyant Tyler Henry felt a connection with Anne Heche the moment she walked through the door to meet him, he had no idea who she was.  The two appeared together on the season finale of the show Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.  Despite the actress not being familiar with the celebrity medium, he did feel that she badly needed a reading.

Henry’s feeling were correct, because Heche is not a skeptic.  In fact, she believes in the concept of afterlife to such an extent, that if there was a scale for believers from one to ten, she would surpass 10. The Chicago P.D. actress was there because she was after only one thing, to connect with the spirit of her brother who had passed away almost 50 years ago. He began his reading by telling Heche that he is seeing a situation about someone young who passed away prematurely, who was most likely related to the actress, possibly a sibling.  She confirmed to the medium that it was indeed her brother Nathan, who died when he was 18, due to a car accident.

After confirming to the medium what happened to her brother, Heche talked further about bad memories that were related to her brother’s death, like tensions in the family and homelessness.  Henry assured the Six Days, Seven Nights star that despite his premature death, Nathan had found peace when he died.

When the medium said that her brother had found total peace, Heche couldn’t help but cry.  Henry discussed mental health with the actress because it is important that with a death, the people left behind dealing with it, need to be fine mentally and emotionally.  He mentioned that her brother was proud of the actress speaking about mental health issues, discussing these things with the public and being open about her own struggles.  She has done right with his brother, the famous medium confirmed.

Heche can only thank Henry for the clarity he has given her through this televised session.  She said that her tears are no longer from grief, but rather from something else, and the word she could come up with was ‘a celebration.’

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