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Behold Azzam – The World’s Largest Superyacht

It’s rated as an engineering marvel and a masterpiece. Commissioned in 2013, the yacht cost around $605 million and at 590 feet, dethroned billionaire Roman Abramovich’s superyacht, Eclipse, which is 533 feet was once the largest yacht in the world.

The German shipbuilding company, Lurssen took 4 whole years to assemble the yacht at Bremen, employing over 4,000 people. The Azzam flaunts incredible complexity in its technical details and design. While Lurssen did the superior engineering of the superyacht, the exteriors were crafted by Nauta Design, while the French interior designer, Christophe Leone assembled the interiors which are spectacular in terms of luxury and amenities. The construction is designed with rigid and high-quality materials to ensure utmost safety as well as comfort. The yacht now belongs to the President of the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. The name of the yacht, Azzam, means determination in Arabic.

Dimensions of the superyacht

The Azzam measures 180m long, with a beam of 20.8m and a maximum draft of 4.3m. The hull is made of steel. Azzam has a gross ton capacity of around 14,000t and features a fuel tank capacity of one million litres. Its main salon measures around 29m in length, with its beam coming up to 18m. The salon on the yacht has a wide open space with no support pillars to obstruct the ocean views. The yacht has 50 suites and the interior design is in the Empire Style. The exterior of the yacht was done by Nauta Designs, while interior design was by French design expert, Christophe Leoni.  Lurssen Werft, Bremen was responsible for the engineering and construction of the Azzam superyacht. There’s nothing hidden about the superyacht’s engineering features and amenities. Azzam’s dimensions put it right up there with the world’s largest superyacht marvels even surpassing Eclipse.

Azzam superyacht layout and Engineering Details

The interior design features six decks and it is powered by jets. The yacht provides accommodation facilities for 60 professional crew members and can accommodate 36 guests, ensuring that the Azzam is the largest superyacht in terms of guest capacity. Azzam is an expensive masterpiece with annual maintenance costs exceeding $60 million annually to keep Azzam ship-shape. The Azzam can reach speeds of up to 31.5 knots and is one of the fasted superyachts. The ultra-opulent design defines the Azzam as a majestic superyacht to roam on the oceans. Many consider that Azzam surpasses Abramovich’s yacht Eclipse in terms of amenities easily. The Eclipse boasts of two helipads, cinema, gym, pools, and other amazing features. Once on board, you are blown away by its unique luxury as each cabin is designed to make its guests onboard feel comfortable.

The yacht features two diesel engines and two gas turbines with a power output of a whopping 23,500hp. Azzam is rated environment-friendly with lesser carbon dioxide, soot and noise emissions, as well as better fuel-efficiency. It includes facilities to use engine waste heat to operate the Azzam’s desalination system for pure drinkable water. Lurssen is known to be the first yacht-building firm to successfully implement this system.

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