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These Celebrities Got Hacked, But You Don’t Need to

Hackers manage to go past highly evolved government security systems, get access to corporate internal programs, and leak corporate financial secrets. The attacks on cellular phones and people’s social media accounts seem like their hobby.

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In recent years, social media accounts and personal photos of celebrities have been regularly targeted by hackers. With top security staff, celebrities should be better protected. By not creating unhackable passwords for social media accounts, they are as bad as us! Some celebrities have been hacked in the past and here’s what can be done to avoid this.

Britney Spears

Britney is a favourite of hackers over the last decade. One memorable attack was of Spears claim to worship the Devil saying Glory to Satan! Britney tweets only about music and performance schedules. These Lucifer messages were obviously hacked.

Sonic Youth

Hackers try to influence people’s decisions. In the case of Sonic Youth band, the hackers possibly tried to get the band back together as they had no live show in five years when they announced to followers via Twitter about an upcoming concert in Central Park. Fans were disappointed on finding that their Twitter account was hacked and there was no show.


A hacker gained accessed unreleased music from the band Radiohead, for personal gain. He then threatened to release all songs unless the band paid $150,000. Radiohead released the music, streamed free online for 18 days. Fans could purchase the music on Bandcamp with all proceeds earmarked for a climate protest organization.

Fight Hackers by Strengthening Your Passwords

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Everyone, and not just A-listers, who uses a smartphone, the cloud, social media, or the internet must have security measures in place to protect their data. Make your passwords difficult or impossible for someone to guess by making them long and complicated. Try phrases, numbers, exclamation points and question marks to make it difficult for hackers to figure out. Strengthen your passwords to enhance digital safety.

Change Your Default Password

Your phone came with a default password – possibly 0000. If that remains your passcode, or it’s 1234, change immediately. You wouldn’t keep a padlock’s code as 0000 as a thief would try that as the first combination. This applies to pre-set codes or passwords, so change it.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus protection is a necessity whether using free software or paid services like Norton or McAfee. These softwares prevent hackers from accessing videos, financial secrets, private pictures.

Check Cloud Settings on Your Devices

Some smartphones are able to upload your documents, pictures, and videos onto the cloud. Store information in multiple locations, remove specific sensitive items from the cloud and surely, you must strengthen your passwords.

Update Your Software

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Reminders to update your software are annoying, but very important. When a pop up appears on your phone/ laptop to update the device software, do not ignore it. These updates and patches are essential as software developers detect system weaknesses and make updates to save you from hackers. If a company has found software vulnerability, hackers too know these. Update softwares to remain current and secure from hackers.

Test the System

To be very sure, test your own security system by learning ethical hacking skills and viewing your data from a hacker’s perspective to identify weaknesses and vulnerable fire-walls, which leave you unsafe. Create unique passwords for every account. We may not be celebrities, but could avoid being hacked like one.

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