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Celebrities Seem to Have Found the Perfect Work-Life Balance… Here’s Their Secret

When it comes to having a work-life balance, we all find it tough. Specially if we are single parents or moms, who have to do it all. But fear not, for some famous ladies wish to share their knowledge and acquired wisdom about parenthood, parenting and having a career…

Family is the First Priority

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Hillary Clinton thinks it is a false and foolish choice when we say spending quality time vs. quantity of time we spend with family; as you should have both. If you work long work hours like she used to, then you have to get rid of some things in your life which you really do not need, just for some extra time for your kids. People need to be more sensitive in workplaces to the difficulties that young women are out through when they have two difficult jobs.

Jessica Alba believes that balancing family and work is something that most women in America can relate to and it really is tough, trying to become a good mom. Obviously her family is her priority but she also has a million dollar company to run. And then she loves her work, is lucky to have a job she enjoys doing and it gives her flexibility to travel, and spend time with her kids. Although she does wish she spent more time with them all.

Being a Mom and a Career Woman Take a Lot of Thought and Planning

Maggie Gyllenhaal says that she draws inspiration from all the working moms she has grown up around – such as her paediatrician grandmother and her writer and producer mom. So she grew up thinking that that’s what all moms do, work and raise their kids. This taught her to reach high professionally, but also be a hard-working mom at the same time, which is more complicated than her mom and grandmother made it look like. But Maggie says that she’s trying even though she has not figured it out yet

Stay True to Your Inner Self

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Christina Aguilera was not ready to give up who she was before she had her baby. It’s imperative to stay true to yourself as an example and also for her son to look forward to having his own goals – something he’s passionate about doing, so she sort of leads by example. It’s a tough thing. She has her moments of guilt when she has to leave him, but that’s what all working moms go through.

Balance Time and Compartmentalize Feelings

Julia Louis-Dreyfus says that being a working mother is fraught with tension sometimes. She definitely fears that she’s messing up and doing it all wrong, despite the best intentions. She used to wake up super early, much before her kids, to get things in order and get work done.

Remember Your Family; Never Put All Eggs in One Basket

Amy Poehler says that your career will not take care of you. She sums it up by saying that we need to treat our career like a typical bad boyfriend. That way, if your career bombs, you can dump one and pick a better boyfriend!

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Judy Greer says that it is easy to forget about your family when you in your 20s, as you will need them to help you and baby-sit your children when you turn 30, and if you have ignored them for so long or just been absent for them, then they’re definitely not going lend a helping hand when you need it. So be nice!

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