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Celebrities Who Take the Term ‘Neat Freak’ to a Whole New Level

When obsessive and/or compulsive preferences are disturbed, it might annoy the individual, but not actually cause any unyielding  or extreme anxiety, as is observed with OCD cases. Neat freaks like being always neat, while OCD rituals are responses to obsessions. Is excessive neatness a problem?

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Wanting a spotless floor or having a well-organized underwear or sock drawer is just not essential. Neat-freaks are more complex but less useful. Neat freaks are termed as good organizers and high achievers, but psychological evidence reveals that messy environments are more conducive for creative thinking. Is a neat freak simply born that way or made? Should we be worried about it?

Nicole Richie

Heidi Klum, who witnessed Nicole Richie’s intense pre-flight cleaning ritual, thought that Naomi Campbell was the only nut job but Richie was equally obsessive. Richie puts on a pair of new gloves and starts wiping down the first class seat allotted to her and gives it a thorough scrub. Richie also brought her own custom seat cover and believed in the product so much that she invested in the company that makes it.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is there to give Nicole Richie company in her eccentricity. With such a rigorous routine, you need an educational degree to completely master it, but Campbell stays healthy that way, even if it involves many extra steps. She carries a pack of disposable plastic gloves with her, wears them, and uses disinfectant wipes to wipe down the tray table, arm rests, seatbelt, television, or anything she touches during the flight. Campbell advises cleaning everything you could possibly touch. She does this on every plane she boards despite what people think of her. She is very health-conscious and uses her own seat cover, besides wearing a face-mask.  

Kim Kardashian

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The media mogul and mom of four blogged that she was the hugest neat freak when at home and preferred not to call people over to hers for this very reason, because she disliked anyone in her own space. She possibly was a housekeeper in her last life. Sitting at home in sweats and cleaning out her closet would be a perfect night for her and her extremely minimalist home confirms that.

Courteney Cox

Her ‘Type A’ character on Friends has rubbed off on Cox. She has the neatest looking dressing room and cleans up dressing rooms of other actors, which she would not enter if these were too messy. Cox admits her neat freak tendencies have been made fun of and exaggerated, but they do exist. She has plenty of glass in her house, and joked about cleaning her stuff with Windex while friends were visiting, but found herself actually doing that the other day. Scary!

Khloé Kardashian

It’s a pretty clear sign that Khloé is not the ony neat freak in the family, and she even refers to her incessant need to clean, as Khlo-C-D! Not just an organization freak, she is dead serious about having things around her clean, and she washes her sheets every two days, bleaching her towels after every use… out-doing the neatest of freaks. She bleaches her shower weekly like a serial killer would.

Donald Trump

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The President of the United States hates shaking hands. In his book called The Art of the Comeback, the Donald talks about how one of the few curses of our American society and culture is the act of people shaking hands when they meet. The more famous one becomes, the more hands they have to shake and the worse this custom appears. He is a clean hands freak and thoroughly washes his hands frequently, and feels happier.

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