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These Celebrity Pets are So Famous, They Have Their Own Social Media Accounts

Tinkerbell, Paris Hilton’s late dog, was once the most recognizable pets in Hollywood, thanks to the socialite who carried her around, EVERYWHERE! Paris has since then, become a mom to several furry friends and created a whole page showcasing their luxurious canine lives. They even get featured on their own Instagram account @hiltonpets. But they aren’t alone! Celebs love their pets so much, it’s become a norm to start a social media account for these adorable fur-babies. Here’s a look at a few of them…

Amanda Seyfried’s dog

Creator: Raymond Hall | Credit: GC Images | Copyright: 2015 Raymond Hall

If you have a thing for nature and are a dog lover, Finn, Amanda Seyfried’s Australian Sheperd, is living the life of your dreams. The actress from the TV show Big Love met Finn through a crew member and regularly shares new images showing the dog swimming to trying on heels and exploring nature on walks. Find him at @finnsite.

Christina El Moussa’s dog

French Bulldogs appear to be very cute and photogenic pets, and Christina El Moussa’s dog Cash is another must-follow canine. Cash was welcomed by the HGTV star into her family in March 2019 and since then has shared innumerable photos of them enjoying the best time of their best lives together. For more Frenchie photos, follow him on Instagram @cashiethefrenchbulldog.

Trey Songz’ dog

Kane Songz the R&B singer’s dog, has his own Instagram account and a very dedicated fanbase. Talk about popular! During Trey’s most recent tour, his fans made posters dedicated to the black and white Frenchton. Follow him at @kanesongz.

Kaley Cuoco’s horse

Credit: FEI

More than 111,000 followers have chosen to follow social media updates for Smooshy, a cute miniature horse owned by The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. The actress adopted Smooshy after she was rescued and made an Instagram account for her called @LifeWithSmooshy. Regular photos of Smooshy’s new life are posted to the account, showing her wanting cuddles from her new owner “Blondie”. Some photos even show Smooshy attending Kaley’s wedding to Karl Cook in 2018.

The Beckham’s pooch

Olive Beckham is from a famous, chic-looking family and this Cocker Spaniel also finds herself in the ‘good looking’ department. The pup has not updated her Instagram account as big brother Brooklyn and Hana Cross, his girlfriend, have set up an Instagram account for their dog, Soho.

Ricky Gervais‏’s cat

Ollie, Ricky Gervais’ cat, is a Twitter star with over 38k followers. The cat responds to the comedian’s tweets with the same sense of humour as his dad. Gervais enjoys sharing photos of Ollie with some hilarious captions. Follow Ollie on Twitter @myleftfang but aren’t the first celebrities to document the lives of beloved pets on social media.

Priyanka Chopra’s dog

Creator: James Devaney | Credit: GC Images | Copyright: 2018 James Devaney

Diana Chopra, Priyanka Chopra’s dog, is as much a star as her mom! Diana has an Instagram account @diariesofdiana and she shares adorable photos of her adventures!

Carrie Fisher’s dog

French bulldog Gary has a huge following on social media, with 182,000 Instagram followers and over 55,000 on Twitter. The late Star Wars star took Gary everywhere with her and shared many photographs of their adventures together, before she tragically passed away in 2016. A moving tribute that was posted on Gary’s Twitter page had the pooch looking out of the window waiting for his mommy!

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