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Ditch Netflix and Hulu to Watch Movies at these Amazing Movie Theatres

Watching a movie in theaters with your family is unmatched by binge-watching your favorite movie or TV series on your PC, iPhone or laptop. Despite rise of streaming platforms, movie theaters still draw in film buffs and casual moviegoers; true cinephiles living in the USA, have checked out some of these historic and iconic movie theaters…

Alamo Drafthouse, Texas

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The Drafthouse is an institution with four locations in the city, many more in Texas and a franchise in Virginia. Inaugurated in 1997, the single screen operated for a decade before the two-screen location on 6th Street, became famous for hosting prestigious film festivals, besides serving local cuisine and beers. Texting while viewing, is not allowed and we appreciate this.

The Senator, Baltimore, MD

After 50 years of opening in 1939, the single screened theater is on the National Register of Historic Places, and has 900 seats. For those who don’t know, the Senator has been through litigation, auction and foreclosure. But strong popular support from a very passionate class of movie fans from Baltimore City and the entire community, maintained its rich legacy alive. The American movie palace boasts a lobby with the same iconic terrazzo floors, amazing murals, and each screening showcases their 40-foot long curved screen, hidden behind a considerable golden curtain. That’s sheer class for you!

El Capitan Theater, California

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Had Disney not stepped in, the famous Golden Age of Hollywood would have certainly vanished. The walls of legendary movie house, the El Capitan Theater now shows Disney movies exclusively! Visionary Charles E. Toberman conceived a beautiful movie house which has been transformed a lot. There are rotating premiers, new movies, and mouse-house classics for 1100 seated viewers to enjoy. And the bonus is purchasing a ticket allows one to view it’s signature pattern displayed Disney style.

Al. Ringling Theater, Wisconsin

A touch of 1915 French magnificence was beyond imagination for anyone. A massive overhaul from a well-known circus to a magnificent proscenium now stands testimony to this. French opera houses at this theatre, are now located in Baraboo. Renovations continued for many years, and that’s why the interiors look this beautiful now. Before watching the movie, we recommend taking some time to marvel at the magnificence of the place: box seats, chandeliers, grand columns, and movies. If fascinated by the arts program section, great classic movies are played regularly.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

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Want an ethereal experience while watching movies? Immerse yourself in a recreated version of the 1950’s drive-in movie theater. It’s not only sci-fi classics you can watch while treating yourself to your meals in custom-made car booths and tables! Special effects certainly define this place as you experience bliss while traveling through time. It’s magical and a rarity in an otherwise real and dull, world. The movie-watching game has attained the next level in recent days. From special beverages to surround sound speakers, movie theaters do have a lot to offer. Laughing aloud, heaving sighs of relief together with so many cinephiles around, is an enjoyable experience. USA has some of the best movie theaters, and till you experience them personally, you’ll never know.

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