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Four Seasons Wants to Upgrade Your Flight to It’s Luxurious Best

Four Seasons, the well-known hospitality group, has been leading the hospitality industry when it comes to high-end holiday resorts and luxury hotels for years now, and has just announced plans to redefine the parameters of luxury travel and it plans to raise the existing levels of luxury travel, several notches higher. The group has officially announced its plans to launch a Private Jet Service in the luxury travel sector, and an Airbus A32ILR is currently being re-designed in France, in collaboration with Airbus, the Europe-based manufacturers.

The Airbus A32ILR is a part of the Airbus NEO fleet and will be ready to start full-fledged operations sometime early in 2022. It is proposed to replace the Boeing 757-200 ER that Four Seasons currently uses. Launched in 2015, it was designed as the first fully-branded and customized private jet in the hotel industry. But the luxury tour would cost around $147,000 for each person. The defining experience on the private jet, offers those who have the financial means, an opportunity to move from one continent to another in grand style. Four Seasons is launching the Airbus A32ILR soon to replace its Boeing 757-200 ER.

Features of the Luxury Private Jet

This new jet is reported to be the tallest and widest cabin in the class, and it is apparent that flyer well-being was a priority during its conception design phase. According to the President Christian Clerc of Four Seasons Worldwide Hotel Operations, the hospitality group really desired to create something that offered an enduring experience not just intimate but also ultra-comfortable in keeping with the size. The plane exudes a social and residential dimension to it. Originally designed for a seating capacity of 52, it has been reduced to 48, to allocate more room for a bigger gathering place for guests to socially interact with each other and meet the Four Seasons masters.

The Four Season masters include a doctor, a concierge, a chef, and a mixologist, all working round the clock. According to Four Seasons, the culinary arts are major influencers of travel with room for cocktail and cuisine preparations while on board.

New Design Priorities

Wellness, as has been mentioned earlier, was a major concept in the plane’s re-design. According to Dana Kalczak, Vice President (Design) at Four Seasons, overall wellness was the key concept at the design stage. Four Seasons endeavoured to factor in and explore all possibilities to ensure that the Airbus had a human-centric design that considered the wellness and comfort of the human body and easily accommodated the various modified demands. The design team further placed a premium on the wellness concept and are making every effort in making that a reality.

For instance, for optimizing seating comfort, the design team has been working on another set of designer seats in collaboration with Optimares, an Italian seat manufacturer so as to improve the headrest length as also the critical lumbar support. They have also decided to pay focussed attention to lighting aspects and have conducted different lighting tests which were specially designed to examine every aspect of any journey, including socializing, boarding, eating, resting and even deplaning.

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