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Hollywood’s Plastic Surgeons Admit Business Boomed During Lockdowns

Nobody knows they had it done

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Celebrities got liposuction, nose jobs, and invasive procedures done, when the lockdown cancelled performances. Invasive procedures like face-lifts during downtime allowed concealment by masks. Concerns about COVID-19 were ignored. After a few years, the entertainment industry is back to normal with cancelled movie shoots resumed, and red-carpet premieres are held, and concert tours rescheduled. While fans may notice their favorite stars looking very refreshed, plastic surgery enjoyed a boom, as celebs had invasive procedures done. With TV shoots postponed due to Covid, actors and reality stars got nose-job surgeries requesting anonymity as surgery could cost them work. Other celebrities have been more vocal about their pandemic-era surgeries. Star Abby Lee Miller had loose skin from a 100-pound weight loss during her 2017 stint in prison and was happy to have it done.

More celebs are willing to get major procedures done

Before the pandemic, celebrity clients were reticent and scared of major face-lifts, but this has changed. Masks have made this partly possible as errands are managed while recovering from a face-lift, their face and identity shielded from incisions or bruises being shown, especially stars plagued by paparazzi.  Masks give celebrities an advantage against paparazzi, unable to see incisions or bruising. Beverly Hills plastic surgeons confirm a rise in demand for face-lifts from celebrities aged above 50 rushing in as filming for shows were on hold. Earlier celebrities after reaching their 50s would go under the knife, he said, but after the pandemic hit, celebs above 40 and some in the late 30’s would go in for face-lifts.

Bodies are being worked on

Source: Pexels

While clients get their faces tweaked, others use lockdowns to boost their bodies. With face-lifts for above- 40 actors, pop stars, in their 20s and 30s, seek breast-augmentation procedures. Even men opt for minimally invasive liposuction and Emsculpt procedures. A famous actress credited a great workout program for her weight loss when she actually had liposuction with abdominal etching.

COVID-19 transmission concerns of celebrities

Early in the pandemic, before vaccines became available, many celebrities had initial consultations virtually but concerns about COVID-19 infections at nursing homes while recovering from surgery didn’t deter their procedures. Miller, who survived Burkitt lymphoma in 2019, (now using a wheelchair), felt surgery with existing health conditions during the pandemic caused concerns but the procedure being common, took a PCR test and recovered without contracting the virus, as the doctor followed all COVID protocols. Some celebs contracted the virus after surgery, especially challenging after isolating from the primary caretaker. Another celeb was infected a week after a nose-job and conducted follow-up procedures virtually during the quarantine period. A prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, died at 50 after contracting COVID-19 from a patient who had a liposuction. Today care-providers are at risk, as celebrities, especially singers, remain unvaccinated.

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