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Remember when Kanye Turned Coachella into Sunday Service and Not a Single Soul Complained?

Coachella 2019 has largely been about Jordyn Wood’s many awkward instances of bumping into people from the Kardashian-Jenner camp — there was the one with Hailey Bieber aka Kendall Jenner’s best friend, and another run-in with Kendall in the flesh. 

But now we can all put Jordy’s awkward times behind us, because Kanye has taken over Coachella with his first ever public Sunday Service.On the off-chance that you are clueless about what is actually being discussed here, Kanye’s Sunday Services, that have been going on for a while now, involve a very mysterious and celeb-filled gatheringKim Kardashian West recently described that the services are just replete with music and devoid of verbose sermons and that it was profoundly spiritual and a Christian experience.


Kanye and Kim’s daughter North West simply manages to grab all the eyeballs with her funky dance moves, while the Kardashian family loved to Instagram about the services. Kim playfully teased Kanye’s Coachella services last week in a tweet, mentioning she forgot to upload the weekly Sunday Service Videos. So she uploaded one that she loved and mentioned that she just did not know what would be happening at Coachella.

Kanye’s Coachella performance was two hours long, and he brought onstage Ty Dolla $ign, Chance the Rapper, and Teyana Taylor. Almost the entire Kardashian clan ended up attending the service, including Kendall, Kylie, Kim, and Khloé besides North West, looking absolutely adorable.  Kanye visited the event with his new purple hair, drawing a huge crowd, and he became hyper-emotional during the performance and cried.

If you watched the live Sunday Service and wished to commemorate the experience, Kanye was selling merchandise at the festival, with socks starting at a reasonable $50 and sweaters going up to $225. You can view his entire performance by scrolling backwards on the art and music festival’s live stream, and if you do need a pair of $50 socks but did not visit Coachella, Kanye is selling them online. Enjoy!

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