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Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson’s Casual Romance Comes to a Screeching Halt

Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale and Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson’s romance appears to have fizzled out. What started out as a rather casual relationship appears to be winding down. Fans of the unlikely pair started to grow suspicious that all was not well between Pete and Kate, after weeks had passed without the A-list couple being sighted together.

The common inference is that their romance simply appears to have run its course. While the romantic aspect of the relationship is over, it does not imply that the celebs will cut each other out completely as they still enjoy talking to each other and appear to be very friendly. During their brief courtship, Kate and Pete attended hockey games, parties, and even had dinner with Beckinsale’s parents. Whenever the candid cameras caught the pair together, the native New Yorker and the Brit always had a charmed smile on their faces.

Why would they stop talking to each other when they obviously enjoyed each other’s company? When they were apart they continued to talk a lot and never ran out of things to talk about. He always had her laughing and that’s a great feeling to share. Their relationship had generated quite a bit of public attention, however, which was a shock to both Kate and Pete. In an interview,the Widow star said that she was rather surprised by the interest in her romance with Davidson. She had never dated anybody coming with their own bag of mischief.

However, she felt that the amount of attention generated was absolutely overwhelming and she felt understandably tired about it all. As for Pete, he hoped that people wouldn’t just focus on their 20-year age difference and felt that people had a crazy fascination with their age difference. But that didn’t really bother both of them. Having broken up, the fans now wonder who their new partners would be…

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