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Kit Harington Hated This the Most about Jon Snow in ‘Game of Thrones’

Kit Harington had a great experience playing Jon Snow for 8 years, since his HBO show Game of Thrones is the biggest break of his career, but there’s one thing he hated most about it — wearing his costume!

His fans feel differently, of course, as they love his big furry costume — it’s what the North is all about!  But before you ask Harington why, he offers a very good explanation about it.  The costume weighed a whopping 33 lbs.  Imagine carrying that weight over his shoulders for 10 hours, plus the sword on his belt that added a few more pounds.

Harington’s costume distress does not end there, he had another thing he hated about playing his character Jon Snow – that he had to wear heels every time he was  filming.  This was because the actor was shorter in height when compared to a lot of his cast mates.  He had to appear taller than a few other characters, so he was put in heels by the show’s creators.

It really is not a fun experience filming for Harington. Imagine shooting scenes for hours with a heavy load on yourself and all the while wearing heels. But the actor still took it in a positive way, saying that it was great way to build muscles instead of going to the gym.

It’s a bittersweet moment for Harington as the final season of Game of Thrones has finally wrapped up.  Not just for him, though, but for the entire cast, as well.  Harington mentioned that the entire cast was left crying on the last days of shooting.  In his opinion, it was a mixture of being sad that the show had ending and they all wouldn’t be working together again, and then tears of joy, as everyone was glad that they could finally sleep well again.  As for Harington, he was probably most glad about not having to wear heels and a 30-lb costume.

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