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Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home to be Made a Landmark Exhibit

Rock fantasy Kurt Cobain’s childhood home in Aberdeen, Washington is a historical landmark exhibit. Imagine going back in time to see the place where Cobain grew up, carefully restored, since when he stayed there, due to permissions, restoration plans, plus an adjoining gallery of Cobain’s life. Washington State’s Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation approved the one-and-a-half-story Cobain house in Aberdeen (from 1968 to 1984), for “Heritage Register” inclusion as a culturally important building.

Restoration work

Creator: Suzi Pratt, Suzi Pratt | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2013 Suzi Pratt

The current co-owner, Lee Bacon, wishes to reinstate Kurt’s home to its vintage status. Zoning regulations prevent its conversion to a full-time museum, but Bacon plans private tours to make the house a tribute to Kurt’s career. In 2018, Bacon and Danielle, his wife bought the house for $225,000 and began the restoration process with exteriors painted “light ferns” and “dark-colored mint” original colors of the Seventies. The original dining room table and china hutch, the bedroom mattress and the toddler bedroom set of Cobain and his sister Kim, are installed. The kitchen retains its period ‘70s plywood cabinets with bright yellow Formica countertops. Kim Cobain simply enjoys being involved, providing inputs, and supports the project.

Future Plans

Creator: Suzi Pratt | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2013 Suzi Pratt

The modest 1,500-square-foot home where the rock-genius grew up, is expected to become a historical exhibit. Fans will travel back in time to visit the house where the rock icon grew up and discover the residence as it was, which is re-created and returned to prime vintage state. Kurt Cobain developed his musical passions and skills in that house and the council voted unanimously to approve the heritage tag request, which Bacon says was “emotionally rewarding.” There is keen interest in Kurt Cobain and his self-made doodle auctioned off for $281,250, while the Britney Spears dumping letter, Prince guitar are on offer under the ‘Music Icons’ auction. Cobain and Courtney Love’s former fixer-upper home is also for sale, while rapper Post Malone’s Nirvana tribute live-stream concert will raise $5M for coronavirus relief Come as you are, to this piece of rock ‘n’ roll history.

Why the Delay?

Creator: Suzi Pratt | Credit: Getty Images | Copyright: 2013 Suzi Pratt

Neighborhood zoning regulations is stopping the residence from being made a full-time museum, but the owner is surveying the different ways to open for occasional private tours. Making the house a tribute project to Kurt’s early life and career, with museum detail, is envisaged. Also a plaque for the house front is important as time moves far from Nirvana’s stardom heights and Cobain’s 1994 death. We record it for posterity, to learn about Kurt, and his musical contributions. Cobain married Courtney Love, and committed suicide on April 5, 1994, with heroin and diazepam found during autopsy. Bacon has bought a 25,000-sq-ft building in downtown Aberdeen and plans to devote about 8,000 square feet of its space to a “Cobain Tribute Lounge and Gallery Cafe”. Through photos, artefacts, memorabilia, and Cobain photos by celebrated photographer Charles Peterson, the Lounge will tell the Cobain’s house story and his early Aberdeen years, Guitar pro Larry Brooks provides the custom-made Jag-Stang guitar built for Cobain backstory, while Bacon considers including items donated by fans. The Lounge and Cafe will be the start- hub for tours, and transportation to the family home. Admission to the exhibit is free. As the house is in a residential neighborhood, Bacon plans tours on special days and events with logistics.

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