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How Long Does A Divorce Take In New York?

Lengthy Divorce Proceedings

You could feel trapped in the divorce procedure for all eternity since it is daunting and distressing. Everyone involved is going through a terrible period, but children in particular must resolve problems as best they can on their own. The finest lawyers empathize with their customers since most individuals dislike discussing their difficulties or contacting lawyers online for assistance.

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If both spouses are unable to come to an agreement outside of court, the court delays processing documents or delays in court. Before the presiding judge signs the divorce ruling, it is hard to estimate how long a divorce will take. The judge’s caseload backlog has a significant impact.

Contents of a Litigated Divorce Action

Plaintiffs in a disputed divorce begin the process by exchanging financial information in order to appraise the marital estate. The discovery procedure starts with a preliminary meeting and the first court appearance. During the preliminary conference, the court and counsels set out a schedule for the remaining case and submit a statement of net worth so the court can judge your financial situation. If one spouse requests a protective order or files a family offence petition against the other, cases are put on hold. This leads to the arrest of one spouse, who is then forced to cope with the divorce and criminal court processes. The case is postponed until matters are settled in family or criminal courts. When discovery is finished, a trial conference qualifies the case for trial.

Getting case on Trial calendar

You must provide a revised net worth declaration along with other papers to have your case scheduled for trial. After the pre-trial conference, your judge may not have trial dates available for 6 months to a year, putting your case on hold until your trial. Some judges will keep the trial going every day until it is finished, while others will set a few days, postpone the case, and resume the trial after a few months.

Uncontested Divorce Process

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While some uncontested divorce cases can be finalized in less than six weeks and others require six months, If a settlement is negotiated amicably, both spouses may move on with an uncontested divorce. With both parties in agreement on the terms of the divorce and no waiting period in New York, the court’s document processing procedure takes three months. After obtaining divorce proceedings, you have a very little window of time in which to submit an answer to the court. Divorce proceedings take longer if the parties disagree on conditions.

Expediting Divorce cases

In New York, contested divorces usually take nine to twelve months, but the duration of a divorce battle varies because some cases go on for years or even for a decade before a judgement is made. In less than three months, uncontested cases are concluded. Divorces may not always need to be completed in court. A pre-filing financial settlement is taken into consideration if the client agrees when the attorney meets with the client to assess all divorce difficulties. Letters with settlement recommendations are forwarded to the other spouse’s divorce attorney.

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Depending on collaboration and the requirement for a speedy conclusion, a final settlement could take three to four months. In order to reduce legal costs, the other partner is frequently willing to put the situation behind them. Once a settlement is reached, the court receives the final divorce papers and signs them.

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