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Lucy Hale is Kicking Up a Storm with SoulCycle and Cauliflower Rice

Debuting in 2010 in Pretty Little Liars, actress Lucy Hale has been a public favorite. Her wellness routine is fantastic, thanks to an intense fitness and nutrition regimen that is balanced.

The star opened up exclusively on health issues from workouts to thoughts on meditation, the food trend she’s obsessed with and the workout session she leads with Luke Milton, Training Mate founder at Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival on Saturday, July 20, in Santa Monica, California.

A Training Mate Fan

Her current favorite workout is, you guessed it, Training Mate, the 45 minute HIIT originally founded in Australia by Milton. Many people are scared of fitness as they lack the ideal body type or fear people yelling at them in class. Training Mate is a group fitness environment with people of all shapes and sizes, fit and not-so-fit people and can be as hard or easy as you want. The atmosphere is always light, teachers are awesome, making jokes and laughing the whole time so that makes fitness, fun.

The 30-year-old star confesses not knowing why she initially started exercising, but she always loved it. Recently, she has been pushing her limits, finding out that she is stronger, trying new things, different classes, and it all feels good as she feels better about herself. She feels better about situations, better about life in general when consistently exercising and feels the difference within a couple of days if she is not active; so she really tries to make her daily exercise a priority, no matter what else has been going on in her life.

How SoulCycle helps

Her workout repertoire involves group classes- SoulCycle, with plenty of outdoor activities and a personal trainer, daily when not working. Variations include boxing, sprints and innovative work-outs. But hiking is her true passion. The glory of living in L.A. is that it is beautiful all year-round and you can always be outside.  Her advice to people who shun exercise is to just take a walk as vitamin D is essential. Hale does yoga for it’s stretch element and also looks out for her mind by meditating, even if for a few minutes. She puts her phone on silent mode, and just sits in silence. Taking time out to schedule in a daily practice is not selfish, what it is, is self-preservation.

The Need for Simple Food and Breaks!

Her health tips are simple: Taking a break is important for the body! Listen to your body and if you need to sleep, do so. If you have an injury, don’t think about exercising. Take time off and know your body. Try not to be uncomfortable. She follows a pescatarian diet throughout the year and praises her cauliflower rice. She eats more whole foods and ascertains where things come from. If she wants steak she has it after knowing where it comes from. She enjoys the bountiful fruits and vegetables available in the California summer, enjoying home-cooked meals, cooking a lot, and she loves experimenting with zucchini noodles. Her breakfast is simple, with overnight oats but in summer, she flips for the Acai bowls daily.

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