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Why Marvel Should Not Let Mutants Overpower Their MCU Superheroes

It has been more than a year when it was first announced that Walt Disney Company has been in negotiations to acquire 21st Century Fox.  Some thought that the deal wouldn’t push through, but it looks like the ‘end game’ has come for Fox, because Disney has now officially acquired it.  But what does this mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  We all know the MCU movies was and still is being produced by Marvel Entertainment, which is also owned by Disney. Fox, on the other hand, produces the X-Men movies.  The question now, besides the future of MCU, is that will they be introducing mutant superheroes in the MCU in the coming years?

One thing that movie fans have loved about Marvel films is the sense of continuity.  From the first film released in 2008, which was Iron Man, there has been a link seen to be connecting all succeeding MCU movies, up until their latest film, Captain Marvel.  On the other hand, ‘continuity’ is something that the X-Men movie lacked.  From the first three X-Men films to the rebooted franchise, that started with X-Men First Class.  Recasting some of the mutant superheroes like Jean Grey, Storm, and Mystique is understandable, given that X-Men First Class showed these characters younger, but the linking of the stories is where the problem lies.  And please don’t get us started with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, because that will need a whole different article to tackle.

Integrating another superhero in the MCU is not a new thing, since they have successfully done it with the Spiderman franchise.  The masked superhero may have been created by Marvel, too, but like X-Men, it belongs to a different world altogether, with a different movie series.

The geniuses behind Marvel Entertainment have made it appear that we just can’t imagine Spiderman not being part of the Avengers anymore.  However it’s another story for the X-Men franchise.  We know many fans will be excited in the possibility of seeing Deadpool or Wolverine in the MCU, but how in the world can they do this when the existence of mutants has never been tackled in past Marvel movies?

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