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Private Rail Coaches: The Ultimate Social Distancing Escape for the Wealthy

Experts from the UK-based Luxury Train Club opine that private rail cars, especially in USA, in Europe and in Russia, were designed only for the wealthy. Modern innovations include single-button black-out windows when hurtling through stations for utmost privacy. Private carriages are attached to luxury trains like the Royal Canadian Pacific and the Rovos Pride of Africa and the, or you can charter an entire train.  The Renaissance of the Golden Age of private rail travel in a post-pandemic world is evolving. The American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners promotes luxury travel enabling charter of train cars that travel regularly with Amtrak trains and enable other unique itineraries with over 150 rail cars with observation domes, sleeper cars, and lounges.

Imagine travelling in the lap of luxury and privacy! The privacy and social distancing within your private rail car, is becoming the ultimate luxurious adventure. Private luxurious rail cars have existed for over a century, when the Pullman Company, founded in Chicago in 1867, introduced luxurious railroad cars for their wealthy clients to rival five-star hotels. Ultra-luxurious designed carriages attached to passenger trains, became very popular as part of the luxurious travel ambiance offered.The Luxury Train Club selections for the ultimate private ravel experiences are set out below:

Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru

The Belmond Andean Explorer runs on the world’s highest rail roads in the Peruvian Andes with the most awe-inspiring scenery encompassing Cusco, the ancient Inca Empire capital, traverses the highest Andean plains, the thrilling beauty of Lake Titicaca, and touches the Arequipa city center, while traversing the most awesome scenery in the world.

Pride of Africa, South Africa

The stylish train tours of Rovos Rail seamlessly blend earthy African safaris with traditional luxury. But divine full-sized baths in a train were rare even on Royal trains! The Pride of Africa trains from Rovos Rail provide experiences transcending mere transportation as you experience the South Africa’s delights. Touching Pretoria and Cape Town, spectacular trains cover the entire enchanting country, combining opulent carriages with modern conveniences to re-create the elegance of a bygone era. Starting from Pretoria, with its fabulous Edwardian-styled station,the memorable opulence of the Rovos Pride of Africa remains a cherished experience.

Venice Simplon-Orient Express

The Venice Simplon-Orient Express train is simply a work of art, a truly world-famous Art Deco icon. Experience the glamour, adventure, romance, and the mysterious past, intimately bound up in journeys through alluring continental cites. Few existing trains evoke the legendary and gracious elegance from the age of luxury travel. This lovingly maintained train has interiors which rival the fabled ‘Orient Express’. Vintage air-conditioned cabins, delicious afternoon teas and exquisite dining cuisine, and lively entertainment ensure this as one of the finest, iconic journeys.

Royal Canadian Pacific

The Queen of Britain herself, Elizabeth II, traveled in a Royal Canadian Pacific carriage as a princess, after she married the Duke of Edinburgh. This truly regal train and the dedicated services of the very professional staff remain unforgettable. Travelling in 5-star railway carriages of the historically-restored fleet through the amazing Canadian Rockies in British Columbia and Alberta, is sheer luxury. The train stops every night, sometimes in total wilderness, enabling you to experience and enjoy the magical Rockies.

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